Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Southampton Publick House Double White

Any museum lovers out there? Not me, in general, although I've been to some awesome museums and seen some terrific exhibits. I'm not a hater, just not a lover. I've spent my share of time in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (mainly against my will) in New York City. But my favorite museum story is my trip to the Louvre in Paris.

My wife-to-be (although we didn't know that then) was living in Paris back in the mid 90's when I went over for a visit. With only a week there and tons of plans, we dedicated just a short time to go visit the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. First, what is up with the Pyramid? Out of place to say the least. I.M. Pei must have been drinking some strong beers back then. And this place is ginormous! We were going to have to move quickly. Or not! Having a frequent visitor and student pass, my wife had been to the Louvre dozens of times and knew where the most important and famous art pieces were located, so we had that working for us. Venus de Milo? There she is. Mona Lisa? Over there inside that glass box. Winged Victory? It's the one without the head and arms.

That's it, 30 minutes was enough to see and take pictures of all of them. And we spent the next several hours over at Musee d'Orsay. I really like the impressionist paintings. I was trying to refresh my memory of all the art I saw that day, and I came across this phrase (among others) from their website... "These informations are not contractual" Really? Jeez! You'd think the French government would hire a native English speaker to at least proof-read their shit! This isn't some novice, back-ass museum. This place is the bomb, and they should have some pride (in perfection, not that they don't have enough pride in general).

So what museums do you love? Or hate?

I just started drinking Southampton Publick House Double White brewed in "The House That Beer Built" which I am guessing is the Southampton Publick House in Southampton, New York. Seems they shipped it out of state to bottle it at Southampton Bottling in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Hey, right up the road from where my buds at The Office live and work. The back of the label has a story about their Brewmaster, Phil Markowski. Apparently, Phil likes to take his work home with him to perfect the beers in a homebrewing setting. So here goes my first beer from this brewery.

Lots of citrus and spiciness for an aroma, with orange and coriander as the standouts. The first thing I notice in my first sip is how bubbly this beer is. It's not crazy Unibroue-style carbonation, but effervescent and just enough to fill the mouth. A very nice attribute. Flavors include plenty of sweet orange, some wheat and some lemon. There is a little banana after those start to fade, and that takes you to the end of the beer. A little tangy and tart, and again, those bubbles give a really nice feel in the mouth. Very refreshing, I really liked this beer!

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