Monday, August 3, 2009

St. Peter's Cream Stout

Flashback! I caught one of those fraternity-themed B movies over the weekend. Anybody a member of a fraternity in college or even like the whole Greek system in any way? I mean, mostly it was a bunch of hazing and ass kissing to live in a house with 50 or more other guys just so you can have crowded parties with shitty beer, pay dues and bond? The official Frat never even crossed my mind and why should it have? I went to a party or more every weekend with my Frat friends without having to dig up graves or jog around naked or live with a bunch of drunk dicks doing push ups. One dude in one frat that I NEVER went to wanted to fight me because I used to date his girlfriend. She was an intelligent and beautiful woman dating a jock that thought if he kicked my ass she'd like him more. Now I don't know how many of his jock brothers it was going to take to whip my ass, but I knew how many he was going to use. As Ron White says, that's some handy information to have.

Anyway, unorganized Beta Beta Beta formed my Sophomore year and as I was arriving to school, my new stupid housemates were putting a smoldering mattress out on the front yard. Apparently the Beers, Babes and Boners Frat had a little fire problem the night before. Fire department came, police, glad my mom didn't catch that live. Our new frat was cool, except for this one crusty chick that used to just walk into the house and take one guy's dog for a walk. But before leaving we always got mega attitude, women's rights lectures (to a bunch of guys who already respected women), and Earth Day type shit cubed. Everyone hated this girl, and we let that be known often. But we preferred to watch Jimmy Connors battle it out in the US Open. Lovers not fighters. Hey, Ithaca College chick, call me.

Today I'm going back to England for the first time in a while. I heard this bottle of St. Peter's Cream Stout calling my name the other day, begging to be bought. It is brewed by St. Peter's Brewery in Suffolk, England. If you're counting, that's two days in a row of Saints, so I've got some brownie points with the Catholic Church.

This beer has a rich chocolaty aroma, malty and smells sweet. Actually, though, it is not sweet at all. First flavors are of roasted and bitter, burnt chocolate, malts and some nuttiness. You also taste some dark fruits, specifically plums and raisins. The body is medium to full. After the initial flavors die down a little, some good hops bring in even more bitterness. My 16.9 oz. beer is mostly smooth and a little creamy; however, after a few sips and even more as you keep drinking, you start to feel some alcohol biting on your palate. There is a dry and bitter finish, and a roasted, nutty aftertaste is left in your mouth. It was a very nice beer, although I'd have preferred it slightly sweeter and the alcohol masked a little better.

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