Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stone Thirteenth Anniversary Ale

This day has been exhausting, starting around 2am. That's when my wife asked me if the air conditioner was working. I got up, the unit was running, but it was 80 degrees in the house, so nope, it wasn't working. And in Miami, air conditioning is NOT a luxury. After a week of frigid room temperatures at Nickelodeon, we were now burning in Hell (not really, but I knew you'd appreciate that). So I turned on the computer to find this company's number that I had heard about on the radio. They have a name that makes it obvious that they consider no AC an emergency, and their radio spot pushes that point home. Guess what? At 2am I got their answering service, which told me that they are closed until 8am. Now I don't want to name the company, especially since my AC just started working an hour ago thanks to them, but if your name says something like "every hour on the clock" and your advertisements say the same, well, come when I call you.

Even in my sleepiness, I couldn't help but ask the answering service lady why they weren't open considering their name. I think she agreed with my assessment but with attitude said "I wouldn't know". At 8:03am I got a prompt call, and scheduled an appointment for between 2-4pm this afternoon. It was already 83 degrees in the house. So extended Publix trip, McDonalds, and arrive at 1:30 only to wait until 3pm for this guy's arrival. I am super happy that they kept their proposed arrival time, which never happens (think Satellite TV service). Anyway, my AC is fighting now to drop me back down from 89 degrees to a comfy 76, but with the money I spent, I could have doubled my windfall of beer from Orlando. Such is life!

To celebrate finding that treasure box of beer in Orlando, the first beer I am pulling out is Stone Thirteenth Anniversary Ale brewed by Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. I guess we're both celebrating together. The bottle has the typical long story on the back, talking about how Stone is now a teenager, at an unpredictable age, yet with unmistakable maturity. The 2008 stats put them as the 18th largest craft brewery in the US--pretty cool. The headline says, "Triskaidekaphobia sufferers beware" right next to the part where they give the Prop 65 Warning that some of the materials used to color the bottle decorations contain Cadmium, which is known by the State of California (and Governor Schwarzenegger) to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. I'll take my chances and not lick the pic.

Lots of hoppiness and grapefruit on the aroma, lovely. Flavors follow suit, with strong grapefruit, plenty of hoppy goodness, and some pine. Nice little bite, too, before that is balanced by a subtle sweetness. The astringency, however, never goes away and bitter certainly prevails. Sticky, thick, and completely covers the mouth with each sip. The 9.5% alcohol shows through, at first in a mild way, but by the end of big 22, the alcohol is much more pronounced. I really liked this beer and am super happy for Stone hitting puberty. Remember, I did have to bring this guy back from Orlando to Miami, so I can't wait for them (or their distributors) to grow up a little more. For sure, check it out!

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