Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunshine Wheat Beer

I am trying not to watch the end of the Marlins v. Phillies game right now. They (meaning my Phils) already lost the first two games, and they are down 4 or more in the last few innings of the final game this afternoon. Sucks, but even the World Champions have some rough patches. The most notable thing that happened with the game from the parts I saw was when Shane Victorino was tossed out of the game by the home plate umpire while he was playing center field. Really? While there was no footage, I'm guessing he probably deserved it. I am surmising that he gave one of those throwing-his-arms-up-in-the-air, super-exaggerated moves to show his displeasure with a ball call from the home plate umpire. It wasn't so much the call but that he wanted to make a point that it was exactly the same pitch that Ryan Howard was called out on the inning before. Enough of that though.

Since we're talking Shane Victorino, I wanted to ask you a trivia question. Which of these three is not like the other, one of these three just doesn't belong, can you figure it out? The three are Shane Victorino, Charlie Hough and President Barak Obama. Again, feel free to use Wikipedia as fact (unless someone gets called out for false info). A few other caveats to this question. If you answer that the different one is Obama because he isn't a baseball player, well that will not suffice because after his extremely weak first pitch at this year's All-Star Game, that is common knowledge and not trivia anymore. I'm also not going for Obama is the only African-American of the three, duh. The correct answer, pat yourself on the back if you got it, is that Obama is the only one that wasn't born in Hawaii and the US. Just ask the birther nation. So Obama wanted change and he managed that by illegally becoming President as a non-US-born person elected to that office. You believe that?

Today I'm starting with Sunshine Wheat Beer brewed by New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. Again, a lot about the bikes. This is the fourth and final beer to come back from my friend's recent trip to Texas. So all of my New Belgium experiences are via Chicago or San Antonio so far. Here's to hoping for Florida to be added to the distribution list!

Sunshine Wheat has a light floral and orange aroma, along with some malts. Smells sweet and refreshing. Wheat flavors are prominent in the beginning but give way to some spiciness, mainly coriander. There is also a nice dose of orange and lemon citrus. The beer is sweet but the citrus balances it out very nicely. I was expecting this beer to be watery, but it wasn't at all. It is a medium-bodied beer, and the carbonation is medium, nice and bubbly in the mouth. And it was also very refreshing. Good flavors all around, ending with citrus left on palate. I really liked it, and it was one of my favorite New Belgium beers not available in Florida (hint: all of them).

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