Sunday, August 16, 2009

Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

Rained like hell yesterday, all day. I was caged in the house with my wife and kids all day! Apparently we have a low-pressure system on top of us giving us this crappy weather. All I can say is that it better go away for our trip to Nickelodeon, which starts tomorrow morning. But this weather is expected to continue considering that this bitch Ana and her asshole brother Bill were named as the first and second tropical storms of the season.

I am a little concerned about these two (for now) tropical storms and the timing of our trip. We're really going to need to pay attention to their projected paths today. As of now, Ana seems to be headed over Hispaniola and Cuba as a tropical storm, and hopefully the mountainous terrains there will kill her. Bill, on the other hand, is predicted to be a raging 120 mph hurricane by Friday morning, headed toward the Florida coast. And these things are so unpredictable that the paths change every advisory. Sucks. Anyone have property in North Carolina for sale? I know, stupid question, lots of people do. But considering I got my proposed property tax bill yesterday with my house appraising for about 100 grand less than last year, well, it might need to wait. The good news is that my taxes will be lower, at least.

Anyway, I guess I will evaluate next Friday (and watch the advisories throughout the week) when I'm back to see if the hurricane shutters need to go up. I really do not want to do it because of the horrible effort it takes. And once they go up, we live in a cave until the end of November. Once a season, dudes and dudettes. Except for one or two panels as exceptions, I will not take them down until every reasonable threat is exhausted.

Time to pack and prepare for my trip to Orlando. Don't worry, RH, I plan on hitting the Total Wine up there. I am a little disappointed that the local store there is like 25 miles from Nickelodeon, but I guess I can still swing it. I hope!

This afternoon I'm drinking Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout brewed by Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, Georgia. I haven't had a big stout in a while, so am really looking forward to this. This is the "Winter Tour" part of the Terrapin Monster Beer Tour. Go figure in August, but if I must repeat myself, I'll drink any beer any time of year. That seasonal label is so overrated. Seems that Terrapin Beer teamed up with another local business when working on this beer. That would be Jittery Joe's Coffee, and I'm guessing if you made it to this page you are smart enough to figure out their contribution. Finally, there is a turtle dressed as a chef on the label, and he's baking cookies and drinking a pint of beer at the same time. Multitasking reptile!

Wonderful aroma consisting of a lot of dark fruit mixed with a lot of coffee and a little bit of chocolate. Mmm. The flavors are equally delicious. You start with a lot of roasted coffee and plenty of nutty flavors. Mixed in you'll also taste toffee, molasses and chocolate, plus a hint of raisins. This is oh so rich and creamy. A noticeable 8.1% alcohol comes in and knocks those flavors down a little, while at the same time warming you up. The coffee flavors still remain and actually take another turn on your palate, bringing back a little more bitterness. Carbonation is very low, which seems fine to me; body is medium-high, perfect. A chocolate and coffee mixture is left on your palate when all is said and done. Terrific beer, one of the best I've had in a while!

Jittery Joe's Espresso Blend, Dark Roast 12oz whole bean

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