Friday, August 14, 2009

Virgin Islands Liquid Sunshine

Just two weeks after thinking out loud which teams would be willing to take a chance on Michael Vick, and throwing out a few digs at the Cowboys, this dude became a member of my own beloved Philadelphia Eagles. How ironic! I guess that's God's way of telling me to keep my mouth shut, right? But when you think about it, Andy Reid agreeing to the deal makes quite a bit of sense. After all, he has had plenty of experience dealing with the problem children around him. And he's been second-guessed about many things throughout his career. So here's to expecting an Eagles Super Bowl win this year!

You'll recall that I was also thinking a few weeks back how awesome it would be if Vick had to play in the Dawg Pound with any new team; but alas, the Eagles don't play the Browns this year. But one thing I do know is that the Philly fans will not put up with any bullshit from this dude. He better be the most gentlemanly bench warmer ever, and when he does get in to play, well that's another story. Every player on the Eagles needs to be a pro-bowler, and even then they are often not immune to the fan mob. Philly fans are awesome!

One last piece of advice for his teammates and anyone that works with and around the team. Leave your puppies at home. Sorry, but it had to be said. OK, enough. This Vick story is for the birds!

Tonight I'm starting out with Virgin Islands Liquid Sunshine brewed by The Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine for St. John Brewers in St. John, Virgin Islands. The label says this is a Belgian-Style Ale, although I must say I am skeptical about that or the fact that these dudes could pull that off. The tap handle coming out of the tropical island palm tree on the label looks inviting enough, though. I hope it's better than the other Virgin Islands brand beer I had. Let's see.

Bready, grainy, and spicy aroma, although all are a little weak. Also before I start drinking this, I must say that it opened like a bottle of champagne, a cheap twist off bottle, with tons of bubbles everywhere. And surprise, this beer has a gigantic wallop of carbonation, so much so that it's hard to swallow. (So that's what it's like?) Finally some spices, not bad but way too subtle. A little lemon and orange, also weak. Bread. Seriously, this is extremely hard to drink because of the carbonation, and I'm sorry to say that it's almost a dumper. Worse than the Tropical Mango mentioned above. Talk to you later.

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