Tuesday, September 1, 2009

420 Extra Pale Ale

By now, most of you are aware of my excursion to the Total Wine in Orlando where I stocked up on around 80 or so new beers to review here. But Total Wine can only sell what's legal in a particular region, so I never pass up an opportunity to grab some new beers when I can, despite my large future supply. BTW, some of the wine-sized and 22 ounce bottles I picked up are in my (always) empty wine rack. Finally some use for that stupid thing!

One of my friends from work was on a business trip in Atlanta last week, and he brought me back four beers not available in Florida from Sweetwater Brewing Company. Much appreciated! The one I'm drinking today, their 420 Extra Pale Ale, is supposedly named after the 420 code name for pot use. I really don't get why breweries do that, add drug lore to their beer names, but these guys are certainly not the first and surely wont be the last. Why don't you ask Ricky Williams about how marijuana has helped his career (and I'm well aware that probably none of you are multi-millionaires so you have even more to lose). And this Olympic idiot took one toke and only got slightly scratched, with a short ban and losing a couple of endorsements. I'm not sure if you've heard, but swimming doesn't pay real well and your career doesn't last more than a dozen or so years. Anyway, let's see what the beer tastes like, that's what is important here. Write me if you don't like my social commentary!

There is a crisp hoppy and floral aroma, not overpowering, yet nice. Bready flavors with a light malty sweetness open up this beer. There are also some fruity elements, mainly pears and apples, with an ever-so-slight bitter hops present. Great balance! This is not a light beer at all, providing a medium body, yet it is still refreshing and very smooth. Despite not having tons of flavors, the ones that are present are really nice. You finish with a citrusy lemon and dryness left on your palate. Wow, I put this beer away in about 5 minutes, while typing, writing and slowly sampling it. I wish I had more, but alas, I don't live in Atlanta or in a distribution area for Sweetwater. Get it if you can!

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