Friday, September 25, 2009

Anchor Summer Beer

Several months ago I told you a funny little racial story (it's hardly racial, but I know you can't help looking). Well yesterday, same son, we learned another lesson.

My three year old son and I were practicing the colors in Spanish by naming car colors as they drove past our house. One of the older neighbor kids stopped by looking for my seven year old just as a black car drove by. Negro came out of my son's mouth, which didn't even hit the radar of this little eight year old boy, who happens to be black. Of course the word in Spanish is pronounced differently than the English slur, but I doubt kids his age even hear the voices of younger kids. They tune them out. However, five minutes later, another black car with a black guy driving it with his window down flew by (people here drive too fast). Three year old pointed out loudly with his voice and finger that it was negro. The guy surely didn't hear, but I guess from now on we'll practice that game inside.

Summer ended officially a few days ago, but where I live it's perfectly OK to have a summer beer in September. Today I am doing just that with Anchor Summer Beer brewed by Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, California. The label says this is an all-malt beer and the first American wheat beer in modern times, first made by them in 1984.

There is a relatively nondescript aroma, maybe a little wheat and sweet. The flavors are grainy, tasting a bit like bread with some decent citrus--apple, orange and lemon. Not too powerful, but flavorful. The body is light, bordering on watery, with medium carbonation. Crisp and refreshing, but not memorable.

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