Wednesday, September 23, 2009


One of my co-workers mentioned attending her homeowners' association meeting last night, and how funny it was to see all the effort people will make to fight for ten dollars. Been there and done that, and it's exactly why I don't participate in mine anymore. But her story reminded me of a few times back in high school when my girlfriend and I went to the monthly school board meetings just to see what train wreck would happen.

There were a couple of regular "contributors" to those monthly meetings. Arguments were a regular occurrence with school bus routes, locations of athletic practices and the closure of one of the elementary schools as frequent topics. This was small-town America, people! And while those things were important, the no-rules-debate style of the combatants was always entertaining. To make those meetings even funnier, that girlfriend's dad was one of the higher-ups in the Superintendent's office, and he often found himself in the middle of all the nonsense. I don't remember any physical fights, but cursing and walking out, or cursing while being escorted out, were occasional bonuses. Today, I can watch the Broward County meetings on cable, and despite being in a major metropolitan area, it's still the same people showing up as did 20 years ago--did they really retire here, or is that the attendee profile everywhere?

One more comment before I get to the beer. I have a little surprise for you tomorrow, so be sure to stop back. And if you're anything like me and don't have a string to tie around your finger, sign up to the right for an email delivery, and Google will be happy to send you the goods.

OK. So that brings me to Andygator, a Helles Doppelbock brewed by Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, Louisiana. The label on big 22 has an alligator profile on it with actual alligator-like texture, very cool. There is a story which calls this beer a "fearsome beast" and ends with slogan "Live it. Love it. Wear it." I'm pretty sure they are NOT talking about wearing alligator shoes, so PETA, stay away!

The aroma is pretty laid back, with a sweet light citrus and fruitiness. Flavors start out sweet but are balanced with some malts and hops. You will taste some light fruit, maybe an apple or a pear,
a little bread and yeast, and some spiciness as well. All said, the flavors are a bit weak and boring. A grainy feel in my mouth gives a dirty feeling, and this beer is also chewy and sticky. Medium carbonation. I was going to say that the 8% alcohol gave no bite at all and that this must be a very old and tired gator, but I guess that's why they bottle it in 22 ouncers. Because by the second half, the alcohol profile, including the boozy aftertaste, was all that I could taste. It was a drunk, yet ferocious, gator hiding under the surface. Sorry but not a favorite of mine. (Alcohol shiver!)

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Beer Drinker Rob said...

Update... Less than one day after posting this, one of the Broward County school board members was arrested by the FBI for fraud, extortion and bribery. Now that would have made for some interesting watching.,0,7088546.story