Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cold Hop British-Style Ale

I'm a little torn about one of the major female grunters being ousted from the US Open this afternoon. Of course I am talking about Maria Sharapova. I watched her match with Melanie Oudin intently for almost three hours, with three sets giving me plenty of opportunity to try to look down hottie Maria's slinky little Nike dress top as she awaited serve. B grade for the cameraman, though, as he cut the shot slightly high much too often for my liking. But her grunting is way out of control, at least for the purpose of playing tennis. I had to watch some of the match on mute, seriously.

So in summary, is dealing with her grunting worth the camera shots? I don't know the answer to that. Perhaps the tie-breaker should be Sharapova's perceived bitchiness that seems to be on display more often than not. I do look forward to seeing more of that dress, but for today, nice job American! This is the US Open, after all. And this match for sure puts 17-year old Oudin on the map for US players (she was probably there before, but I had never heard of her, so I'm talking about the real map).

Today I'm drinking Cold Hop British-Style Ale brewed by Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado. This is the seventh beer in their Looking Glass Series. On to the beer.

Very aromatic hops when I opened up this guy, with a lesser floral and citrus component. Hoppy flavors with noticeable bitterness during the first sip, but that is balanced out really well with some sweet light pear flavors along with a touch of honey. Bready and citrus lemon are in the mix as well. Crisp, refreshing, medium carbonation. Cold Hop has a drier finish and a nice aftertaste. I liked this beer, for sure. Check it out!

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