Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dogtoberfest Märzen

Today I just have some observations. That pool game Marco Polo is really stupid and annoying, and everyone always cheats. There was a gang of seven at our pool today, including adults, playing this inane game. And they were going all out with shouting MARCO... POLO... as a few of the kids were climbing out of the pool to escape (aka cheating). My kids started chanting MARCO... COLA... to make fun of them, even the three year old. To enlighten you non-speakers, "cola" is the Spanish equivalent of "ass".

Observation two also comes from our trip to the pool. One of the neighbors with zero power told my wife we really shouldn't be jumping over the gate because we might break it. Now I wasn't there, just observing from a distance, but if some nosy mofo said that to me, I'd tell them to mind their own something business. This management company has changed the entrance key to the pool three times in four years. We have the most recent key up until this newest change. We can get the newest version between 9am and 930am on Wednesdays except in September, October or November. If you don't understand my hyperbole, go work for Miami Management Incorporated!

Observation three: Moon Sand sucks the big one. It's not that fun, like the commercials, and makes a helluva mess that is not easily cleaned, and everyone goes home dirty. Observation four: children are not meant to ride bikes, as my seven year old fell off yesterday and got some nasty wounds on his elbow and knee, only to repeat the exact same fall and severely damage the same wounds this afternoon. He is walking injury right now! The teachers this week from his school will probably call me to see who is abusing him here at home. Beer Time!

This afternoon I'm drinking Dogtoberfest Märzen brewed by Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland. The label says this beer was crafted by a guy who studied brewing in Deutschland, and apparently he will put on some lederhosen when feeling saucy as well. The label also has its usual entertaining artwork. Two big dudes with cigars and steins of beer with a dog that looks like he's had a few too many beers as well.

There is a nice sweet caramel aroma, with a hint of citrus in there. Flavors start out with sweet caramel as well, with a very noticeable spicy black pepper profile right behind it. You will taste some honey and malts as the beer progresses, and a light floral and citrus flavor, too. Fruity orange comes in right around the end and helps make this a refreshing and smooth, enjoyable beer. I liked it!

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