Friday, September 18, 2009

Gonzo Imperial Porter

Get off your fucking cell phone and concentrate on driving. Next traffic light, same car. Put the fucking mascara down, close the mirror and pay attention to the green light and cars in front of you. GOOO!!! I do tone it down when my kids are in the car, but I guess I've gotta stop altogether. My kids are starting to say "Go!" now as well. Monkey see, monkey do.

I wish the Florida legislature would get off its ass already and make driving and talking on the phone (let alone makeup applying) illegal. It clearly is a distraction to what you're supposed to be doing--driving. And ask another buddy of mine if he'd stay off his phone if it were a law. He got a $142 ticket for just that infraction during a business trip to California. Apparently, I didn't know and any other excuses are not welcome there.

Today I'm drinking Gonzo Imperial Porter brewed by Flying Dog Brewery in Denver, Colorado and under special agreement, Frederick, Maryland. And I'm following the "OK! LET'S PARTY!!" statement coming from this creepy looking skeleton cowboy type dude on the label. The label also says this beer was made to honor the life of Hunter S. Thompson (and not Gonzo from the Muppets, which is what first came to my mind). This beer apparently won the Gold Award in the World Beer Cup in the American-Style Imperial Stout category. So that begs the question... is this a stout or a porter? Moving on.

The aroma of Gonzo is very nice with dark fruits, chocolate, licorice, alcohol and malts all distinct. Wow, the flavors are terrific, too! You start with dark chocolate and powerful burnt flavors. This is not a sweet beer at all, more bitter. You will also taste coffee and raisins, along with smokey and spicy elements as well. There is definitely a little kick from the 7.8% alcohol in this guy, but it is very welcome and nicely balanced with the other flavors. Nice and creamy, not too much carbonation, lingering aftertaste. This was an all-around great beer, and that's two in a row that I really loved from Flying Dog. I am really impressed and this is becoming one of my favorite breweries!

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Cooking Asshole said...

Flying Dog is pretty tight. Their artwork is done by Ralph Steadman.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

For sure, always some cool artwork on the label. And so far great beer in the bottle.