Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Stuff #4: Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend

I decided today was time to highlight another one of my favorites. Actually, I decided on Friday on my trip to Total Wine. So here we go with Good Stuff #4: Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend brewed by Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York. This brewery is part of the Duvel family. Here was my original review from six months ago, when I was making sure I was watching my back on the Ides of March.

When I went to Total Wine on Friday looking for this beer, my mind went into simple calculator mode. You see, the price point for this single 12 ounce bottle is $3.49 while big 22 was $7.29. Now, rocket scientists, tell me what's wrong with that. A one bottle no commitment purchase gets you a better price than the bigger 22 ounce commitment? Yep! But that has nothing to do with this beer being awesome. Total Wine, call me if you need a calculator for Christmas.

Today's review: There is a very malty and fruity cherry aroma. The flavors are sweet to begin with, lots of malts and lots of cherries. A more tart flavor comes through as you get the full experience. You also will taste other dark fruits, raisins, caramel and a definite woody flavor as the beer progresses. Don't be shocked that the 9.8% alcohol makes itself known as well, giving a rum-cake type flavor and warms nicely with a slight burn, tastes wonderful. A black pepper spiciness rounds out a very complex and balanced beer. Creamy and smooth, just right medium carbonation. You finish with a berry flavored alcohol left on your palate that reminds you to take another sip. Excellent!

I've had all of Ommegang's year-round beers. This one is obviously my favorite, but you should also try their Hennepin, Abbey Ale, Witte, and Rare Vos, in that order. I've seen their seasonal Biere de Mars on the shelves as well, but haven't had the opportunity to drink that guy yet.

Some other seasonals I haven't seen: Ommegeddon, Chocolate Indulgence, Cave-Aged Beer, which is Three Philosophers aged in a cave, and Ale 2009, also know as Obamagang and brewed for the inauguration of President Obama. I guess they like him, a little too much in my opinion to waste a beer name, but whatever. Too bad Obama didn't reciprocate their love at his Beer Summit a few weeks back.

Ommegang takes some guesses on its website about Three Philosophers and why it's so awesome: "Cynics can't believe it, Epicures hail it a sensation, and Pythagoreans just can't add up what makes this luscious blend of rich malty ale and cherry lambic so delightful. It might be the flavor of dark chocolate and cherry cordials; it could be the way it acquires wisdom and grace in the cellar. Maybe it's a conundrum. What's your theory?

The essence of wonder is a unique and masterful blend of strong malty ale and authentic Belgian Kriek. Our philosophers deduce that this powerful marriage of cherries, roasted malts, and dark chocolate will only achieve more wisdom and coherence as it broods in the dark recesses of your cellar."

Preach on, Ommegang. I love it!

The Ommegang website has a "Fun Stuff" link that gives you some computer wallpaper downloads, postcards, recipes and a photo contest. Check those out. They also couldn't make it simpler to contact everyone in the company, from their brewmaster Phil Leinhart to their HR Manager to Accounting, everything. My guess is that they are on the major social sites as well, and you guys are smart enough to find them at Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. If you need help, I'd be happy to show you around. Of course I will write about "this idiot that couldn't navigate Facebook" tomorrow on my blog, so think twice before asking for the tutorial.

Well, that's basically it for a semi-detailed look into Three Philosophers Belgian Style Blend and Brewery Ommegang. You should for sure pick up a few of these beers today. Wonderful stuff!

Philadelphia Phillies 1979 Cooperstown Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap

"Bottom of the Sixth" The original of this painting hangs in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. The Brooklyn manager is the former catcher Clyde Sukeforth; the Pittsburgh manager is Billy Meyer. Dixie Walker is at bottom left. And the umpires, left to right, are Larry Gaetz, Beans Reardon and Lou Jorda. Painted by Norman Rockwell in 1949, Art Book Print, A2442



Cooking Asshole said...

I love this beer! We had it on tap once at a bar I worked at and it was even better!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Cooking Asshole. I agree, totally delicious. I'd love to try it on tap too, but I don't think that will happen until I get the hell out of Florida. Talk to you soon.

Cooking Asshole said...

We were celebrating Belgian beer month and we had eight Belgians on tap including DT, Scaldis noel, la chouffe, 3 phil, St. bernardus wit, etc. Us bartenders always stayed late and drank the shit out of them! The kegs were tiny and cost $350 a piece. Needless to say we did not make our money back...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I can imagine. Sounds like a good gig while it lasted. The best we ever did after work (or sometimes at the end) was drink the liquor left behind by the guests at the hotel I worked at.