Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gritty McDuff's Original Pub Style

When my community was built about five years ago, all of the houses had a security system installed in them, with the security monitoring included as part of the monthly maintenance check I write each month. (Yes, these dudes still only take a check. At one point they were so excited to launch a new part of their website showing my account online. Only problem was they forgot to include a payment system, although I could see all old activity. What a dud! Back to the story.) What I don't get about an installed security system is that my city (and every one around here if not everywhere) requires me to advertise that the house is "protected by..." on a sign in the front yard. I think it's total bullshit that I need to let potential perps know that they need to take extra precautions when robbing me. Maybe I should leave a gun out there by the sign, too? Can anyone explain this to me, logically?

I just opened Gritty McDuff's Original Pub Style brewed by Gritty McDuff's Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. I was having a tough time deciding what the official name of this beer was, since it also says Pale Ale in all CAPS at the top, but their web site calls it Original Pub Style as a name, so I'll stick with that. This is my first beer from this brewery; in fact I'd never even heard of this brewery (which is not shocking) until I purchased this bottle.

Fruity peach and apple aroma, some floral aspects, too. The beer is pretty sweet in the beginning, with subtle malty, caramel, bready and earthy flavors working together. Some hops present themselves to tone the sweetness down just slightly. Just when you think this is going to be another average "did I just drink a beer" type beer, you get a really nice fruity finish, out of nowhere. And that flavor lingers on your palate afterward. Very smooth, refreshing, crisp. I liked it and could drink it every day!

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VanaBanana said...

Maybe next to your security system sign, you could put up a sign like this:

Even if you don't have a gun, it could still be effective.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks VanaBanana. That is a funny sign! Either that or I need to stop cutting the flowers and grass back that are growing around the sign, so it's eventually hidden.

VanaBanana said...

Yes, that would work too, and would most likely anger your neighbors less than my suggestion :)