Friday, September 4, 2009

Heavy Seas the Big DIPA

One of my old lady neighbors has been learning to drive over the past few months. She's not ancient, but probably old enough to throw in the towel on this endeavor. Learning started with her son-in-law giving lessons around the community. Lots of turn signal stuff, backing out of the driveway, and hey, they even had orange cones for her to parallel park. That didn't last long, as shortly after beginning I saw the driving instructor car there every day for a few weeks. From some comments the son-in-law made, I'm pretty sure it was too stressful and he probably agreed that this was not for her. Even her grandchildren were making the "watch out" comments and faces.

But she stuck with it, and apparently passed her written and road tests. I saw her get cut off at a stop sign a few weeks back when one of the neighborhood punks cut off the corner of a turn going much too fast--and it didn't seem to bother her. But last night, I was cracking myself up. Could have been because I was in that kind of mood watching the Comedy Central Roast re-runs, but around 11pm, when no one was outside, old lady came home, put on her turn signal and swung her car way wide turning into the driveway. The kind of stuff no one ever does. Anyway, good for her! For now, at least.

Let's start off the weekend right, with a Double India Pale Ale. I just opened Heavy Seas the Big DIPA brewed by Clipper City Brewing in Baltimore, Maryland. Lots of information on the label. To start with, this is part of the Heavy Seas Bomber Series. Bomber is the word for 22 ounce big boys, but I usually avoid using it as I think people use it to sound either cool or smart, of which I am neither. But in this case, I guess it can't hurt to name their special "limited release" series. The whole label screams pirate, from the scull and crossbones on the front to the cheesily self described extrAARGHdinary beer. Let's check it out.

Big pine and grapefruit upon opening, with a hint of malts, too. The flavors are very nice. You start with grapefruit, lemon, pine and a good hoppy bitter bite. There is also a little caramel sweetness. This is not an overly bitter or astringent beer and is very well balanced. The10.5% alcohol does make an entry as the beer progresses, but just enough to say "I'm here and let me warm you up". (Yes, my beers talk to me, every night.) Nice medium body, a little sticky and just a good hoppiness left on your palate when all is said and done. I liked this beer a lot, and if (I don't believe it 'til it's usually too late) it truly is "limited release" then you need to go and get it now.

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Diana Kennedy said...

Being a driving instructor must be very stressful job anyway. I had the luck that mine was very patient and calm and never got upset because of all the stupid mistakes I did.
Your neighbour Lady did pass the tests and sure there's something admirable in her learning to drive even at a certain age. Let's hope that she won't have an accident someday, anyway.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

No doubt about it, Diana. My driving instructor was also my football coach, and let's just say he had more patience when I was behind the wheel.