Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Brick Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter

So the electricity went out last night for one millisecond, which is exactly how long it takes to wreak havoc with my alarm clock. I can hear you asking already, so let me answer. Yes, it would make perfect sense for me to put a battery in the clock as a backup for these semi-frequent outages. But alas, I don't know if that is even an option with this clock; yes, I should look but there are a lot of things I should do, yet I don't. (Reminds me of a time I was playing roulette in Atlantic City when I should have put a chip on the winning number, but said it wont come up again; then it did 3 more times in a row, unbelievable odds).

Fortunately, the giant flashing red numbers along with the printer rebooting were enough to wake me up and force a time and alarm reset. And my wife and I got up as originally planned. Of course we were a little grumpier, which made the "I can't believe you put an ice cube in your coffee" comment directed at me a much more personal attack. Such is life. Note to self: when you're done writing this stupid posting, go across the room and check the clock for a battery backup slot and see what size battery you need.

Tonight I'm drinking Red Brick Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter brewed by Atlanta Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. The name is very inviting, so I'm hoping it lives up to that.

I popped the top off of this guy and wow, what a carbonated pop I got. Along with that mini explosion was a whiff of some chocolate, dark fruits, raisins and a solid malty base--very nice. Holy Bejesus! Again, what is up with the carbonation? I guess with the champagne pop I should have known to expect it, but that makes two from this brewery in less than a week. Between these guys and Unibroue they should have a Carbonation Cage Match. Anyway, I find this beer entirely too difficult to drink, although I will anyway. You will taste some nice chocolate, some roasted flavors and a light coffee after the bubbles subside. This beer is malty with a medium body, a little bitter and not sweet at all. The 7.7% alcohol was completely masked. The flavors were decent, but everything was ruined (like that Faith No More song) by the unpleasant carbonation.

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Chocolate are my beer hero, I'm waiting for "Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Lager."

VanaBanana said...

I too put an ice cube in my coffee if it is scalding hot. My mouth is made of flesh, not steel, and who has the time to sit around and wait for their coffee to cool down naturally???

You don't seem like the type to drink froofy coffee drinks, but if you are, at most coffee shops you can request your skinny turtle cafe mocha no whip at 140. Generally the goal temp for them to serve coffee at is around 158 or 70 Celsius. For me at least, 140 is perfect.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

@AB Thanks, not sure I've been a hero for anything recently. But there are some delicious beers... Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout, for example. And I agree, Ben and Jerry's should license their name out to some creative brewer.

@VB Two ice cubes on a work day, one on a weekend. I haven't been in a coffee shop in a decade.