Friday, September 11, 2009

Shelter Pale Ale

I was considering writing about my experiences from 9-11-2001 today, but I decided that maybe next year will be the year. I worked in Times Square at the time, and also have some footage taken from my suburban apartment balcony that I was going to share. Heck, I even wrote four or five rough paragraphs, but today is not going to be the day for the details here. It was an extremely sad day and a tragedy that I wont ever forget.

Well, since I said 9-11 isn't the topic for today, here's something a little lighter. Our office doorbell rang today, and when we asked who it was, we got the answer that it was some Special Investigator. Oh no! Now what? We almost didn't let him in, and he certainly needed to work on his introduction to ease our minds. This dude flashed some Federal Government badge and wanted to talk about a former employee. Not sure why, but we were the ones that eventually asked his purpose for questioning us and if the guy was in trouble. Again, two sentences would have made us initially more cooperative. Turns out, our ex-colleague needed to be investigated for some secret security clearance and this was a positive step for him in his career. In the end, we were helpful and of course truthful. The ex was a great guy and we should have known!

Right now I'm getting started with Shelter Pale Ale brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. By getting started, I mean this is my first beer. I stopped at Total Wine on the way home and sampled some Herb vodka, straight and mixed with ginger ale and lemonade, and a shot of nice wine, too. But my palate is clean now. Hey, Total Wine, call me if you want me to sell some of your specialty beers some time!

Very faint aroma, citrusy lemon and orange. The flavors are also very subtle, starting with some citrus, lemon and a touch of hops. This beer is slightly bitter from those components. Some good carbonation gives Shelter Pale Ale its best attributes, being crisp and refreshing. Otherwise, a little bland and certainly nothing great.

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