Monday, September 14, 2009

Shiner 100 Commemorator

Yesterday, predictably, after a nice morning and early afternoon, it rained like hell for hours starting around 3pm. My seven year old was playing in the garage and in between rain bursts, he was riding his bike. At one point, though, the rain didn't stop and he was stuck (to his liking) at one of his friend's houses. We didn't see him for hours. But around 6:30 he came home dripping wet. Which is when my wife and I had one of our recurring arguments.

She, along with what I believe is a majority of people, still thinks that getting wet or cold (or God forbid both) somehow causes you to get sick with the flu or a cough. I can't tell you how many times that I've explained that colds are caused by viruses, not weather. Jeez, shoot me now! And I also throw in nicely that if you walk outside in the slushy wet snow naked in freezing temperatures, even if you get a cold afterward, those actions were not the cause. She loves that, especially with my delivery, too! Anyway, I'm hoping my son doesn't get sick to avoid Round 2 of the neverending discussion.

Let's see... Today I rummaged through the fridge and picked out Shiner 100 Commemorator brewed by Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. You may wonder how the beer got its name, but then you'd be kinda dumb, even moreso if you read all the cutesy things on the label like "Thanks A Hundred!" They also say "There's nothing finer than an ice cold Shiner" which reminds me of the time I caught that baseball with my eye socket, but I'll leave that for another day. Anyway, this beer was brewed as an Anniversary Centennial Ale, and I'm hoping for something awesome. I've had Shiners before on business trips to Texas, but never this one before now.

There is a malty aroma, but for sure there are hops too, and I noticed a bit of spiciness as well. The flavors start out very sweet with lots of caramel and little bit of chocolate. It's sugary with some honey and raisin flavors as well. A little nutty with just a hint of nutmeg. The hops from the aroma, however, never come in to challenge the sweetness of this beer. You do get a little bite from the 6.7% alcohol as you near the end of each sip, but it's welcome. Medium body and medium carbonation, you finish with more sweetness. Decent beer but don't go out of your way. Anyway, everyone goes to Texas at some point, so drink it when you're there.

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I read the post title and I thought you were talking about a new hybrid car that just came out.

VanaBanana said...

My mother will never be convinced that cold weather, or wet hair doesn't cause you to get a cold either. I tried to talk sense into her for years, but now I've given up.

Next time your wife gets sick, ask her when she was running around soaking wet!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

@AB What car is that? I haven't heard of it.

@VB It's one of those myths that seems to make sense, pre Louis Pasteur, not dissimilar to the world being flat


It runs on half gasoline half piss and vinegar, my kind of car.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Sounds like a great car. But why did Shiner 100 Commemorator remind you of that?


It sounds like "Shiny Commodore."