Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sprecher Abbey Triple

Finally the real football season is here. By deduction, you now know that Fantasy Football Season is therefore under way as well. Everyone complains about the pre-season, with good cause. It's just a bunch of hyped-up practices with other teams, televised nationally, and treated like the networks as if it matters. But tonight the Steelers and Titans get things going for real. I don't really even care who wins, although I do have a cousin-in-law that works for the Titans, so I am rooting for them I guess. Wow, one sentence and I went from blasé (that's "I don't give a shit" for some of you) to one-night Titan stand! And while Fantasy Football is fun, my league had an automated draft and has one weekly deadline to set up your lineup, hardly a time commitment. I don't get Fantasy geeks that spend hours managing fake teams, but I guess they don't get Beer geeks that spend hours talking about beer, although I am sure there are some crossover geeks. Is that you?

I just opened a Sprecher Abbey Triple, a Belgian Style Ale brewed by Sprecher Brewing Company in Glendale, Wisconsin. It's a pounder, and also has a twist off cap. Whatever, that's how all my pounders came right out of college, so both features are dear to my heart. I'm pretty sure memory serves me correctly, that this will be my first beer from this brewery.

There is a sugary sweet aroma, with tons of banana and spiciness, as well as a more subtle caramel and alcohol profile. The flavors start out similarly, with lots of banana and spices, namely cloves, black pepper and maybe coriander, too. So far, so good. This beer is very sweet, sugary candy, very chewy. The alcohol must be fairly big as it starts to tell you it's there after a few seconds, to the point of becoming booze-noticeable by the end of sweet 16. The spices last all the way to the end and so does the banana. A little alcoholic breath left for my wife when she gets home too, sweet. Well, if I haven't made my point (sweet), this beer was a little bit too sweet. If that alcohol and sweetness could have balanced each other out a little better this would have been awesome. For now, it was pretty good.

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