Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Troegenator Double Bock

My three year old was sent home from school yesterday. I'll skip the details, but let's just say I've mentioned the problem before. The problem also kept him out of school today, so I needed to work from home as best I could considering his presence. We did our share of mind-stimulating puzzles and blocks and making marble-game roller coasters, but he also did his share of cartoon watching.

Some of the channels he watches have zero commercials, but some are so loaded with them that they outnumber the shows. And talk about psychological brainwashing. Every single commercial was for one toy or another, and he started saying, "I wanna play with that" for every single one no matter what the product. When he decided that Barbie Girl was for him, too, and even he was laughing and trying to get a reaction from me, it was time to change to something else. Now I can't get that damn commercial song out of my head (I can't find the song, but here's an equally exploitative commercial). It's horrible!

The beer I'm drinking today is not available in Florida. In fact, when I inquired with the brewery, the Brewery Manager basically told me not to hold my breath. He actually was much more polite with his one line response, "We have no plans at this time to expand into florida . Thanks." So when one of my friends was recently up in the DC area on business, he picked up a bottle of one of their beers for me. Thanks a lot! Take that with your expansion plans, Tröegs! I am speaking of Troegenator Double Bock brewed by Tröegs Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The aroma is malty with a bit of caramel there, yet it doesn't smell too sweet. The flavors up front are a touch of caramel with a big alcohol presence. However, this beer was extremely smooth and creamy considering how noticeable the 8.2% alcohol content was. After the initial flavors, things got a bit sweeter with molasses, brown sugar and syrup challenging the alcohol. You will also taste some light raisin and burnt flavors along with a bit of spiciness. This was a nice beer that I will drink again next time I'm in Harrisburg. (Since none of you has ever been there, you might mistake my comment as a joke, but it's actually not too far from where I grew up).

Fisher Price Manny's Repair Shop

Barbie Style Salon Playset

Family Dance--Dan Zanes


VanaBanana said...

Wow, I wonder if that Barbie Boutique credit card sends the kids a bill at the end of the month?

"You never run out of money" (and this toy does nothing to show you that in the real world you will run out of money and be responsible for paying for everything you charge.)

*Sigh* I usually don't have a strong opinion on toys...but that one makes me mad.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey VB. I think that toy was from 2007 if I remember the video title, so not sure if it's still for sale. But yes, that one is ridiculous.

Fortunately I only have two boys, so they will need to be exploited with some other toy.

traveler said...

The original idea of bringing back a complete 6 pack was interrupted by my curiosity for sampling this beer. An hour later, just one was left which is the one that came back to FL and you sampled. Amazing what 3 trips to the ice machine and an empty bathroom sink can do to 5 beers. Good recommendation, tks.

Btw, those 5 beers helped me sleep well my first night considering I got the room adjacent to the apparently haunted Ghost Suite

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Again, many thanks. That sleep was alcohol induced since this beer has over 8% alcohol.

Unknown said...

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