Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brooklyn Oktoberfest

As I was driving home from work, I was dreading a fight that loomed at home. I told my seven year old that he wasn't going out to play with his friends until he studied his spelling and vocabulary words. Of course I got some lip, but he eventually sat down, reviewed these 20 or so words, and was done in no time at all. Much better than I anticipated.

Today I'm drinking Brooklyn Oktoberfest brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery in Utica, New York. What can I say but these guys put out some great beers.

The aroma is mostly malty, yet there is an interesting floral character to it too. The flavors start out nutty with malty caramel and butter, and not too sweet. There is a very nice hop and orange citrus balancing the flavors of this beer. You will also taste some bread flavors and a hit of spicy cloves toward the end. Carbonation is pretty high, but makes for a refreshing and not heavy mouthful. Very good beer!

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Update 12/13/2009: For what it's worth, I was typing a review of this beer today, forgetting that I had already done one months ago. Here is today's review, since it's still Autumn. The aroma is malty caramel, smells rich. Flavors start out malty as well but are immediately challenged by plenty of hops, balancing this beer terrifically. Light citrus and toasted flavors also find their way to your palate along with an earthy character. This is a mellow, creamy, clean and refreshing beer. Medium carbonation and body, with a lightly bitter finish. Terrific!

Update 8/13/2010: The Brooklyn Brewery was kind enough to send me the nutritional content for this beer. 5.5% ABV; Per 12 fl. oz.: 175 calories, 0.0g fat.

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