Saturday, October 24, 2009

Buffalo Butt

Back around 10 years or so ago, before the kids came along, the wife and I would spend time together doing puzzles, especially on cold winter or rainy spring days. My youngest son has apparently picked up the same interest in puzzles and has become quite the little genius with them.

So last weekend, out of the closet came this super-complicated Santa puzzle, 1000 pieces or something like that. We've made some decent progress, but both children have long lost their interest. My guess is that we got the puzzle out just in time to be finished for Christmas, at least at the rate we're moving. We'll see, but puzzles are a fun family activity, no doubt. I found the one we are doing, Christmas Presence, at Amazon, but only a 500-piece version. The link is below along with another that looks pretty cool and challenging, if you're interested.

Today I'm drinking Buffalo Butt brewed by Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas. This beer is not available in Florida, and likely will never be. But I have a friend that visits San Antonio to visit his brother on a regular basis, so I've sought out more information on this brewery's beer availability. By "sought out" I really mean that I've been a bit of a pain in the ass for the brewery President Fritz Rahr and his business partner. They've been cool, telling me about their distribution plans, etc. I even sent them an email yesterday to try to get a comment to go with this posting, but I guess they are busy with more important stuff. Can't blame them. Maybe they'll comment later, and I'll be sure to let you know.

Now I came upon this beer because that same San-Antonio-going friend actually had a business trip to Dallas last week. And this brewery is local there, for you geographically-challenged readers. First the label, which has a prominent buffalo ass on it, with tag line "Everything It's Cracked Up To Be". The label also tells a story about some drunk brothers telling stories in Ft. Worth's Hell's Half Acre, which is I guess where you could get a beer and a hooker a while back. One of the stories led to this beer, named to commemorate the, yep you guessed it, Buffalo's Butt.

As for the beer, the aroma is earthy and grainy. The flavors are also earthy and grainy, with a nutty profile that lasts in your mouth. You will also taste some toasted bread and grassy flavors as well. Light hops appear and are enough to keep any sweetness away. The finish is dry. Light-medium body, refreshing, maybe slightly bland. This was a decent beer, and the label picture is actually burnt into my retinas now. Try it when in Dallas or Ft. Worth.

Merry Christmas to All 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by White Mountain

Christmas Presence Jigsaw Puzzle 500pc

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