Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chateau Jiahu

Do you know who Duamutef, Hapi, Imseti and Qebehsenuef are? Well, my seven year old does considering his Mummy book is one of his absolute favorites. They are ancient Egyptian gods. In addition to mummifying their dead, the ancient Egyptians used four canopic jars with lids made to represent the heads of these gods to store the dried stomach, lungs, liver and intestines, respectively. The brain was tossed, however, as it wasn't deemed important. Good move!

Not ancient Egypt, but rather ancient China is where I'm headed today with my beer review. It's as close as I can come to matching a story with a beer. Deal with it!

Since it's the weekend, I decided to indulge in Chateau Jiahu brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. Apparently, these guys analyzed residue from pottery that Chinese archaeologists found in Jiahu in the Yellow River basin, then used their findings to create this beer. Sounds like a project that took way too much effort (probably an intern that wanted to get ahead). But I got an ancient history lesson and they have what they are calling "the most ancient, chemically-attested alcoholic beverage in the world". So this is what they were drinking 9000 years ago in China? Let's check out this bad boy! Actually there is a shirtless seductive chick on the label with Chinese tattoos on her lower back, so I'm going to check her out instead.

The aroma has lots of honey, along with a grape and fruity sweetness. The flavors start out with lots of grapes, and you could certainly mistake this for a sweet white wine. Considering this is a wine-sized bottle of beer I'm drinking, the mistake might be mine. You will also taste some honey and the 8% alcohol content is a prominent flavor. This beer tastes a bit like that grape juice you give to kids on New Year's Eve, except with alcohol (unless you're a bad parent and you skip the grape juice attempt). Sweet, but not ridiculously sweet, you will also taste the fermented grapes. A bit syrupy and the carbonation is pretty big. The alcohol is a warming factor, too. Creative, but this is just a weird grape and honey concoction that doesn't do it for me. You end with a dry grape flavor on your palate. I say check it out, but take the label off, tell your guests this is a wine and see what they say. Let me know! I wont drink it again unless that sexy chick on the label personally brings it over to seduce me.

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