Saturday, October 31, 2009

Golden Monkey

Well, let's see. First, Happy Halloween! Keep an eye on your children. While you're at it, keep an eye on all the neighborhood children (unless you're one of the pervs we're worried about). And don't forget to have a good time. I've had some pretty fun Halloweens in my day.

One year after college, my girlfriend and I went to a party as the Budweiser Frogs, and we were a big hit. The party was at a bar that a bunch of her friends rented--they took the whole place and hired a band that they followed for a long time. Was a really fun night. Next morning, the girlfriend puked when she smelled some industrial odors on the Garden State Parkway, but whatever, it wasn't me!

One year back in high school, my friends and I couldn't decide what mischief to start with, but we opted for knocking on asshole neighbor's door and running out into the woods to see his reaction. I know, so adult.

The first two times, the guy was just pissed off, but he took things OK. But that's when great minds need to decide how long we need to wait before going a third time. We decided around 30 minutes, which was just enough time to throw those little crab apples at the backs of 18-wheelers on the highway. Ring, run and hide in the woods. This time the dude came out, and started walking into the woods, right in our direction. The moon was bright enough to light the sky, but his cigarette added an orange glow that we could see coming toward us.

He got pretty close, when one friend yelled "RUN!" at which point we did just that. This dude and his old cigarette lungs were no match for our speed, but he did chase us all the way to our high school a few miles away. Lots of scratches and hours later, we ended up back at my friend's house. His mother, smelling our fear and seeing blood, not to mention not being born the yesterday before, calmly said that Mr. H had been over to talk to us. She told him that she'd let him know when we were back, but as far as she was aware, we were at another friend's house. So down to their basement to plan our next move. Finally, after pushing the charade a little further, my friend's mom caved and told us it was a joke.

Phillies are playing (and winning) today, and I need to try to get trick-or-treating out of the way before the game gets too far in. Yes, I am going to play the Victory beer game again, for luck, like I did for games one and two. This afternoon I'm drinking Golden Monkey brewed by Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. My first two beers from this brewery were gems. Can't wait here. This is a Belgian-inspired Tripel with a label story about some magical mystical monkey with a golden soul. Hmmm. A costume idea has arrived!

The aroma is spicy with a good dose of fruity pear and apple, very sweet. First flavors have lots of spices, mainly black pepper and cloves. You will then taste a bunch of fruits, like pears and bananas. The 9.5% alcohol then says hello and warms you up. I must say it is a prominent component, a bit boozy and over the top annoying. Big carbonation leaves a lot of fizziness in your mouth as well. Dry finish with alcohol still lingering around, and a medicinal band-aid flavor left on the palate. Not a favorite to say the least.

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