Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hop Meadow IPA

I've had my share of crappy jobs, and you'll see that "crappy" is a key word today. I had the privilege of spending summers in high school cutting endless acres of grass. I had the luck to work college summers in a parking lot. And those are just a few on the top of my list.

But my brother came home from his summer funeral home job one day and told me a story that we still laugh about to this day. He mostly did clerical BS type work, but every now and then he had to hop in the hearse and help his boss pick up a body. One day they picked up an old lady, brought her back to the funeral home, and he was to help get her ready for embalming. His boss calmly told him that they needed to take off this lady's pants slowly to prevent getting shit in the face. Calmly, like it was the most normal thing he'd said all day. To which my brother replied something like, "The day I get shit in my face is my last day here!" And you thought that show Dirty Jobs had it all. OK. Time to get shit faced. Or not.

I just opened Hop Meadow IPA brewed by Thomas Hooker Brewing Company in Saratoga Springs, New York. The label proclaims this to be "A Hophead's Favorite Brew". I do love hoppy beers, so we'll see.

The aroma is grassy with a light fruit, maybe apricots, and a general sweetness. The flavors start out with sweet caramel and a good dose of malts, not exactly what I was expecting from an IPA. But you do then taste some pine, grapefruit and some hops to tone that down. Good balance, but not the beer for a hophead. You will then taste some other flavors, like a spicy apple pie with cinnamon on it. That's how the beer finishes on you palate, and again unexpectedly. Medium carbonation, very good flavors. But not like any other IPA I've had. Check it out--it's different.


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Sorcerer said...

hey i liked your writeup..
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Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Sorcerer.

Thanks for the compliment.