Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hop Wallop

First the great news! The Phillies went to the "House That Jeter Built" last night for game one of the World Series and razed the place. Not like "raised the roof" but more like burnt the place down. I'm hoping for a repeat tonight for sure!

Now the ridiculous part! I got a call from my three year old's teacher yesterday. Actually, it was just a message on the answering machine when I got home. I'm pretty sure that the teacher thought it was the cell phone of my wife, as she's called her there before.

In the message, my son's idiot teacher generalized that "men don't look at notices anywhere near the door" making sure to note that I hadn't signed up to bring any of the items for the Halloween party on Friday. Bitch! The real reason I didn't sign up for anything had nothing to do with not noticing her sheet on the classroom door. Rather, it was because a group of more-responsible, brown-nosing parents filled in all the blanks for everything, and there were no things left to sign up to bring. Some parents put their names in two or three spots.

And apparently the phone message wasn't enough. Bitch teacher had recruited the timid innocent afternoon teacher to tell me to pick an item. Yes, there were choices now as some of the double-names had been whited out. No shit! So before I even heard the answering machine, I actually had my name on the door sign-up sheet.

So I'm good--I took a loaf of bread and a bag of candy. My wife begged me not to make a scene so I controlled myself and saved this little gem for when I need some extra ammunition. I did write my son's name in GIANT letters on the loaf of bread bag--I couldn't help myself completely. But whatever, dude, don't fuck with me, save your breath, and next party please spare me the drama and tell me what you want me to bring on what day in what colored bag and on what serving platter you'd like it displayed. It will be done!

Considering the positive effect that drinking Victory Brewing beer had on the outcome of yesterday's World Series game, I'm going to try that strategy again today, starting with the other from this brewery that I've been itching to taste. That's Hop Wallop, a double IPA. "Hop" Wallop is apparently a dude that discovered hops and his legend is recounted on the bottle. Anyway to make a long story short, he concluded "hoppiness is happiness".

The aroma is fruity, citrusy, hoppy and inviting. You will start with some delicious fruit flavors, not just the citrus but also some pear and peach beautifully blended together. An awesome burst of the more typical grapefruit and lemon comes next providing a strong bitter bite. Some sticky and oily pine flavors are by now coating your mouth before a small hit of the 8.5% alcohol says hello. Medium carbonation and a dry yet plain aftertaste. This is some good shit and I think I've found another favorite brewery to fall in love with!

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