Friday, October 9, 2009

Indian Summer

Yesterday my girlfriend Total Wine sent me a love letter. Actually it was just some coupons to use on a beer or wine purchase. So on the way home from work, I stopped by to see her and picked out some beer for tonight. Guess what? The love letter was just a note to get me there and pick a fight.

As I was paying, I handed the cashier my coupons--total $3 off my $48 purchase--6.25%, almost exactly the percentage I just got raised on my flood insurance and astronomically less than the amount I got negotiated out of today in a sales deal at work. All I wanted was some loving back.

Nope, these coupons were only for 4 or 6 packs, but not for bigger commitment 12 pack. So I asked to speak with a manager. Assistant Manager BED (not even his real initials) explained to me that these were specifically designed for what the coupon said and not 12 packs. As I was explaining my position, he was eying my $50 order and the two people in line behind me (not to mention my regularity there), and he must have done some quick calculations. Before I even had to pull out "do you know how much money I spend here?" or "is that your final answer?" with a potential walk-out, he decided that he'd run the coupon transaction "this time".

What a relief! I think this girlfriend just may have heard there might be another chick in the picture, and wanted to see me to make sure it wasn't true. So we made up in the end. Too bad that she doesn't know I was there getting the beer, then taking it to spend the night with that other woman. I only just met her, so maybe we're just friends.

Enough of that bullshit story! Today I'm drinking Indian Summer brewed by (the other woman) Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company in Kiln, Mississippi. There is a light floral and orange aroma, with a small amount of hops, too. Flavors start out with orange and citrus, with a touch of spiciness in there too, mainly coriander. Hops are also present making sure Indian Summer isn't too sweet. This is a pretty simple, yet flavorful, beer. Medium carbonation, crisp, and refreshing. You end with a nice fruity aftertaste. I can understand why people would drink this on a hot and humid day, but I'm sure it's good year round. Since it's a seasonal, though, get it while you can.

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VanaBanana said...

Your "girlfriend" send me a coupon in the weekly paper. It's for 5 off a $50 purchase. I'll check it and see if there are any crazy stipulations.

If not, I'll drop it in the mail.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I knew she was cheating on me! Well, at least it's with another woman.

They might put state or other location rules on there, but if not, thanks.