Thursday, October 15, 2009

Motor Boat Ale

Guess what? I am a hero! My son came home sobbing yesterday because one of his friends threw the keychain and keys he's been playing with for weeks into a neighbor's tree. And they didn't come down and they were too far up for anyone to pursue easily. And the fire department doesn't respond to keys in the tree calls. If I could only get the damn cat next door to chase something up that tree. Anyway, back to me the hero.

I actually didn't have to do anything except say we'd try to get them in the next few days and give him a combination lock to play with. So I'm not really a hero, at least for that! That was just to get your attention. Ironically, in high school, a girl I was friends with wrote a "hero" essay about me because I didn't drink and get drunk with the rest of the losers in my class. I guess the tables have turned! I bet I can find that essay, too, given a few hours in my parents' house in PA. I'll let you know in the next 10 years or so.

Today I'm drinking Motor Boat Ale brewed by Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia. This was one of the beers that came back from my friend's business trip there and is not available in South Florida. I was introduced to this brewery with their 420 Extra Pale Ale about 6 weeks ago, and really enjoyed that one. The label says this is their version of an ESB and that these are built for speed and comfort. I guess that means pounding?

Bready with a citrus and hoppy aroma. This beer tastes like tea! Yes, like with a tea bag. No Shit! It's a little more complex than that, with orange and lemon flavors, plus grassy and earthy components. There is also an underlying spiciness. Some hops, light bitterness, medium-high carbonation. You end with a drier finish. Pretty cool and unique beer. I'd drink it again for sure!

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