Monday, October 12, 2009

Orange Blossom Pilsner

So I've got a little smart ass junior in the works in my house. Three year old out of nowhere just said some blasphemy. If you can imagine "I don't like the Phillies!" coming out of his mouth, well, yep, he said it. To which I calmly told him that he can go find a job and move out tomorrow.

This morning, the same son told his seven year old brother to go wash his face, only because he knows it will bother him and start a fight. What other ways does he get attention? Let's start with hanging his legs through the railing over the balcony; pretending to paint all the neighbor kids' butts with some dry brushes he has in the garage; locking doors when entering and when leaving a room; repeating everything his brother gets scolded for saying with a giant smile on his face; repeating the letters of spelled words despite not knowing what they spell because he knows that's why we spelled them in the first place; jumping on the couch with a little rhyming nonsense song so we know he's doing it. As you can tell, I have my hands full. Now if they can keep snow off the field, I'm going to watch the Phils wrap it up tonight in Denver!

Today I'm going have a beer that's been neglected for a while in my fridge. After a weekend of big bottle, big alcohol disappointments, I'm drinking (wuss-named) Orange Blossom Pilsner brewed by Thomas Creek Brewery in Greenville, South Carolina for OBP LLC in Orlando, Florida. Not sure how that makes it "Florida's Honey" Beer, but whatever. The label says this was brewed with real orange blossom honey (I guess as opposed to silk orange blossom honey).

The aroma is honey and light citrus, sweet smelling. Flavors are orange and honey, no doubt. You start with sweet honey, which is followed by orange-ade type flavors. The sweet is tempered by some hops, which was welcome. A little watery, yet crisp and refreshing. Medium carbonation and the 5.5% alcohol was not noticeable at all. You end with a drier finish. There is a slight amount of the familiar skunky pilsner taste but not a lot. Not a bad beer, and trust me, I am not biased because I live in Florida. I HATE Florida!

Smart Ass Hot Sauce - - The original Smart Ass was always the one in school who knew the right answer to every question, the solution to the math problem, or how to effortlessly split an atom. As time evolved, Smart Ass became the one who always THOUGHT he knew the right answer, always felt they needed to have the last word, the one who ALWAYS had a sarcastic remark. Be sure to give this to your favorite SMART ASS.

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VanaBanana said...

Hooray! You've reviewed a beer I've actually had before! That brewery donated beer to an after-party event following "Hands-On Greenville" which is a day of community service here. Thousands participate.

Basically I spent all morning picking trash up out of people's yards. They were too lazy to pick up their own darn trash, so I spent 4 hours doing it for them. Still unclear on how this "service" was helpful or deserved, but the day ended with a really nice appreciation type party at the Greenville Drive's baseball stadium, and included all you could drink beer.

I enjoyed the Orange Blossom Pilsner and the Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale. Have you had that one? You'd probably hate it, but you should try it anyway. The vanilla was more subtle than I was expecting.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

The only ways I'd pick up lazy people's trash for free is a. free beer at the end or b. court ordered.

VanaBanana said...

The worst part of it was, the people whose yards we were cleaning kept asking us what we had done wrong to get sentenced to community service.

Nathan said...

hahaha The 3 year old sounds like quite a handful! I bet he makes life interesting every minute of every day.

Great review of this beer. I have never tried it but I feel as if I have after reading this.

I hope you enjoyed watching your Phillies move on to play the Dodgers!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Nathan.

Work is like a vacation for me compared to my other parenting job.

And yes, the end of the Phillies game last night was awesome. On to LA!

Thanks for stopping by.