Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale

Oh my God! We finally had a beautifully chilly windy morning today and the high for today is supposed to be only around 75 degrees. But if you're from anywhere but Florida, you've never seen anything like the over-reacting spectacle that happens here. The hats and gloves come out, scarves, news people talk hot chocolate, it's really unreal.

What did I do? I took the opportunity to open 15 windows in my house to air this place out from stale bacon, my kids' bedroom sties, the bathrooms, etc. Then I went for a long walk with my shorts and shirt on, being thankful I wasn't pouring sweat as I normally would be. That's about it for now, but the Phillies better get their asses in gear tonight and take back the NLCS lead. Now, beer!

This afternoon I'm drinking Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico, California. This is their 29th anniversary, and they brewed this IPA to celebrate. Congratulations!

Hoppy and citrus aroma, with a dose of caramel, too. The flavors start out with big grapefruit and lemon bitterness, with some grassy and light spiciness as well. Actually, the lemon flavors are giving a sourness that is slightly unpleasant. Bitter continues and continues with the bubbly carbonation helping it out, but then it subsides at the end. You are left with a crisp and dry finish. Not bad, but I prefer their Torpedo Extra IPA any day of the week.

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