Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stormcloud IPA

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Today I'm drinking Stormcloud IPA brewed by Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas. This one came back from my friend's Dallas trip as well. You probably recall me mentioning that a few days ago while drinking the other from Rahr that came home, Buffalo Butt, with its eye-searing label. The label on this bottle tells the story of William Rahr, which I guess is a relative, coming over on a voyage through a fierce storm, then celebrating with a beer after their journey was complete.

The aroma is fairly weak, but you will notice some floral and fruitiness to it. Very light hops begin in your mouth, but you will then taste more bready and light caramel flavors. A very small amount of lemon and citrus, maybe a touch of alcohol and that's it before a dry finish. Not like any other IPA I've ever had; that could be a good thing, but this beer was not the go-getter, trend-setting type either. Average, but not bad.

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