Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale

So don't be shocked, but I won the Nobel Prize today. Seriously! I won one of the lesser-known Nobels, the one for gardening. Actually it's still an experimental Nobel, not dissimilar to the IOC adding golf to the Rio Olympics. Yes, seriously!

Now I've avoided this topic for a week or so because, well, I didn't want the Secret Service and FBI breathing down my neck again. But, dude, really? President Obama and Nobel Peace Prize are antonyms and should never go in the same sentence. Take that truth serum! I'm not saying he isn't for peace and he didn't wow the world with some slick talk, but really? Who believes this? Why didn't they give it to him for economics? He's talked a hell of a lot about that topic, to the point of delirium. Look, here's the scoop... I hope that President Obama de-nukes Iran, turns North Korea into a role-model country, hosts the first Israel-Palestinian Spring Break bash, and brings peace to some of these desperate countries in Africa. Actually, just one of those would win the Nobel Prize, but this guy has done nothing yet. This year's prize is bogus!

But back to me. I am now telling you that I planted two beautiful Gardenia trees today. I am also telling you that these trees are destined to have the most beautiful flowers and most intoxicating scents in the near future. That is why I won the Nobel in gardening, one of the newest of their door prizes. I'll probably win it next year, too!

The wife took the little one out for a few hours, so I have time for a beer I've been eying for a few days now. That is Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale brewed by Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California. Yes, the gargoyle brewers with the long stories, and no, they didn't disappoint on this bottle. Something about how awesome they and this beer are, using phrases like "liquid dichotomy" and "sublimely sacrosanct ale". In the end, this beer was the Stone 11th Anniversary Ale, and since they and their fans have missed it for a few years, they decided to brew it again with this new deserving name.

Wow! Lots of hops, grapefruit, citrus on the nose. I'm guessing a big bite is coming shortly! Yep, big bitter bite on impact. There is a really nice grapefruit and pine profile going on here, and oily, too. Powerful, yet still silky smooth with a terrific feel in the mouth. Mmm. Creamy. The 8.7% alcohol is well masked, but does provide a warming sensation as the beer progresses. As the beer warms up just a little, a bit of burnt and smokey flavors become increasingly more noticeable. I didn't even taste those at the beginning, but having big 22 gives you plenty of time to savor all flavors. Bitter is left on your palate, cleansing, refreshing. I think this beer is really terrific. However, I must confess that I don't dig the smokey aspects (in any beer, really). You gotta check this out!

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