Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Hoppy Monster

Yep. I managed to keep my nose (and opinion) out of it for the most part. Besides a few comments here and there, I stayed on the sidelines in the now seemingly settled Monster Energy Company v. Rock Art Brewery caged match. In summary, Monster Energy (check out the hot chick while you're there) wasn't happy that Rock Art has a beer named the Vermonster.

For what it's worth, I'm glad the little guy got such a grassroots effort behind them and stopped the giant from pushing them around. Not just because they were the little guy though, but rather because the logical leap between the energy drink and beer name was not there in my opinion. And the fact that Rock Art's Vermonster was seemingly singled out amongst many other alcoholic beverages with the word Monster in their product names made me even happier with the outcome. Now if I can only figure out how to get a Vermonster down here in Florida. Hmmm.

So I guess it's safe enough now to drink my Big Hoppy Monster tonight without worrying if Terrapin Beer Company will need to change the beer's name. Maybe that's why Terrapin's Brewmaster gave the "exact specifications" to Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland to brew it for them. That would, of course, be pure speculation. This beer, an Imperial Red Ale, is the inaugural beer in the Terrapin Monster Beer Tour, and "Watch Out! This Monster Bites!"

Hoppy, citrus aroma with some malt in there too. You start out with a bitter hoppy kick and plenty of citrus flavors. There are also some grainy and bready flavors along with a fruity pear and orange complement. What I really liked, though, was the transition from hoppy bitter to powerful malty flavors and a good dose of spicy black pepper. Really good! Nice carbonation makes that even better. The 8.3% alcohol does find its way out of its box toward the end, but in general it's a warming factor and mostly hidden. More of that peppery spicy finish made for a great beer and experience! Get some!

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