Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dark Starr Stout

My kids have a renewed interest in the movie Toy Story, watching it a half dozen times over the past few weeks. Right at the beginning, Mr. Potatoe (you remember Dan Quayle, right?) Head says "Hey. Look. I'm Picasso!" with all of his body parts mixed up like an abstract Picasso painting. (Click that link to see it in Spanish. You will get the joke.) Hilarious! Every Single Time! It never gets old! And my three year old got out his Mr. Potato Head, doctored up the body parts, and has been repeating that joke thousands of times over the past few days. Good thing, like I said, that it never gets old. I just put the movie in again, NOW!

Today I'm drinking Dark Starr Stout brewed by Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, Virginia. There is a dark chocolate, burnt and coffee aroma, maybe a little dark fruit, too. Drinking, you will start out with lots of roasted and burnt, bitter flavors. Some coffee and chocolate along with tons of smoky flavors as well. These flavors persist throughout, especially the smoke and bitterness. You will feel a good amount of carbonation in your mouth and some hops show up too. Medium body was just right. A decent beer, although personally I could have done with less burnt and smoky tastes.

Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition)

Mrs. Potato Head

Toy Story Fleece Blanket - Disney Buzz Lightyear Throw

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