Friday, November 13, 2009

Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock

Friday the 13th. Sorry, no Jason jokes from me, at least this time. It was an icy 60 degrees out this morning, enough for the locals to pull out sweaters and hats. Luckily, we had a fire at our office building today to warm things up. Well, actually, the fire department responded because some jackass a few floors down set a piece of toast on fire and filled the entire building with that smoky smell. And we had no choice but to go outside and "shiver" because this alarm is ear- and brain-piercing. Anyway, 30 minutes later, back to work.

I had a few ideas about what to write about today, which were all put on hold when I walked into my local Total Wine on the way home. It's funny what can happen in a 20 minute period.

First, I arrived right in the middle of a two-hour window for a Starr Hill Brewery beer tasting. Nice! Was pretty coincidental considering my review last night of their Dark Starr Stout. So I stopped by, sampled three of their beers, and pretended that I'd never had the stout or even heard of them before. Two nice people from the brewery were pouring and doing a nice job describing their products--you could tell they wanted to start drinking too. The guy was giving $2 cash toward my first sixer, which I declined, but only because I wasn't buying, not because I didn't enjoy their beer. But I did take the chapstick with their brand on it.

Then to the back of the store for some bulk beer and to see what new ones were there. A very helpful lady there asked me if I had tried their newest beers. I asked which ones, at which point she said the Starr Hill ones. Not realizing that I'm a regular, I told her that they've been on the shelf for over a month and that there are much newer ones. She agreed.

At that point I asked her where the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale was. I saw 12 packs, but no singles. She went to check out their inventory. She came back ten minutes later, and when I asked her if she got lost, she said she needed to ask her boss if she could break that 12-pack open. I told her that if she's ever faced with that problem again to just blame me for doing it as I get in trouble with Mr. Assistant Manager monthly anyway. She was cracking up! And no matter what, I was going to break that 12 pack open without asking.

The reason I need to get that Celebration Ale is because after I reviewed that beer 9 months ago, a few readers had a coronary when I said it tasted like gasoline and could fuel my car. But I did promise a do-over, and I picked up two bottles just to make sure. That will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Lots of people love that beer, so there should be some good comments.

Anyway, to the cash register, where I handed the cashier two $1 off coupons for my mixed fourers since that's what the coupon was for, 4 or 6 packs. I must have stepped into bonus day when she rang off $5 from my order. I wasn't complaining and paid. Walked out, re-read my receipt at which point I realized there was a $13 double charge. Went back in, got the refund, and then asked the Starr Hill people for a hat with their logo. I'm wearing it now. Was a good trip!

I got the Gordon Biersch "fishbowl" today, or whatever they call their email newsletter. I signed up for that around four years ago in Atlanta after visiting Coke for a business presentation. So I decided today to drink Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock brewed by Gordon Biersch Brewing Company in San Jose, California in remembrance. It's been in the fridge for a month. Bottled 6/2/09, and the label also reminds you to "never trust a skinny brewer".

Fruity, floral aroma. The beginning flavors are very fruity, mainly pears and apples. Wonderfully creamy texture. You then taste some grainy and honey flavors, but not honey sweetness. Rather some hops and a good dose of carbonation make the beer lightly bitter. All the components are very well blended and flavorful. A complex beer, no doubt. There is 7% alcohol in this beer, but I never tasted any of that. Great! Try this one!

Deluxe Friday the 13th Jason Mask

Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Machete

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