Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maierfest Lager

My three year old's school served them a Thanksgiving Feast today. And before I even picked him up, I knew what the outcome was going to be. The "I ate nothing" phrase was highlighted in today's planner. Over the past week or so, one of his teachers has been telling me that the class is discussing Thanksgiving and this celebration and meal. Apparently, my son has been saying that he doesn't like each of the food items, one by one as they were mentioned. "I don't like that!" So I'm pretty sure that's why he came home hungry and is wolfing down some pretzels I just gave him before dinner.

But none of that is shocking at all. He is a terrible eater. He used to be the better eater of the two children, but now he's 100 times worse. I think this kid is going to learn some new eating habits when we're in Colombia over the holiday. We are not going to have access to all the foods he's used to here or be able to give him dozens of alternatives. So when I put the Morcilla or Ajiaco in front of him, we'll see how he does when hungry. "Eat or be hungry" will be the new motto!

Gotta get packing for the trip, but before I do, let's drink big 22 (packing isn't that urgent) of Maierfest Lager brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. This beer is dedicated to the Brewmaster at Rogue, John Maier. I'm guessing the illustration on the label is John. He is garnished with a long strand of hops over his shoulders and around his neck.

The aroma is sweet, with loads of bread and malty scents. The flavors start out with toasted bread and again, very malty. Some caramel also shows through in the beginning and the flavors are initially sweet. There is a little bit of light fruit flavors in the background, maybe some apple or pear and just a touch of hops, too. The carbonation is very strong in the beginning but seems to tone down as the beer flavors progress. Great flavors, nice and rich with a very good body and mouth feel. Despite the richness, it is still extremely crisp and refreshing, easy drinking all the way. I bet this would have been good drinking with my son's Feast, but I'm pretty sure drinking beer on school property is against the City's policies. One last comment: I liked it better when it was right out of the fridge cold. And believe me, I wasn't sipping this 22 ouncer. Just a thought to keep in mind as you go get yourself some of this great brew!

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