Friday, November 6, 2009

Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Had the Antiques Roadshow on the other night and to my surprise, the lady who brought her item for appraisal wasn't the antique. This chick had to be pushing a hundred. Then I started paying attention. She had a silver mint julep cup that she said belonged to her great grandfather. The appraiser swallowed hard when he put a pre-Civil War date on the piece. All I could think of, besides the fact that silver obviously handles time and atmosphere better than human flesh, was how cool! This lady might actually be able to know 150 years of history direct from the source, assuming she knew this relative. I can hear the stories she tells now. "Back when my grandfather and Teddy Roosevelt went hunting together..." Makes me wish I had more time with my great grandmother before she died.

Getting Friday started with Mirror Pond Pale Ale brewed by Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. You'll recall that yesterday I had my first ever Deschutes and it was a great experience. Your label today talks about the historic Mirror Pond which I guess is pretty close to the brewery. The pond reflects the Three Sisters Mountains--Faith, Hope and Charity. This might surprise you, but there was a family in my home town with four girls, and those were the names of the first three. The fourth had an equally uplifting name!

Floral, citrus, refreshing aroma. This beer starts out sweet, with some orange and citrus and a little malt, too. There are some honey, pear and peach flavors as well, very nice. Then some hops come in and balance out the sweetness just enough. Surprisingly, you go back to a little more sweetness, back and forth. Finally a dry and fruity finish. Medium carbonation and terrific flavors that complement each other very well. Check this beer out!

Dale Tiffany Lighting RT60295 Antiques Roadshow Heirloom Provence Two Light Table Lamp in Antique Bronze

The American Civil War: A Military History--John Keegan

Mint Julep Cup - 10 fl oz


Cooking Asshole said...

Mirror Pond is in every damn bar in Portland (along with BBP)...quite the staple. No complaints here!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

You guys are spoiled with great options. This one and Black Butte Porter are the only two I've managed to try.