Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moose Drool Brown Ale

So last time my mother came to visit, she brought the kids some candy. There was a small bag of bright green little candies. She had picked up this bag of "Pawleys Island Gator Droppings" in Pawleys Island, South Carolina on the way down here from Pennsylvania, just because it sounded fun. Apparently these candies are chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. And also apparently, they haven't been so popular since they're still sitting around after months. I just saw them again this morning amongst all the leftover Halloween candy.

But I was thinking what better candy than this to pair with Moose Drool Brown Ale, my beer for today, brewed by Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana. For sure a creative name, a name that begs for you to grab it off the shelf and give it a try. I might be wrong as I've never been to Montana, but I'm thinking they have lots of time on their hands to spend looking at the sky and thinking up cool beer names.

The aroma is full of sweet caramel. Caramel and malty flavors start things out, with a little chocolate and toffee in the mix, too. The initial sweetness does get cut some by a bit of citrus flavors, balancing this beer nicely. There is also a definite underlying nuttiness throughout with this beer. Medium body, medium carbonation, and very smooth. You will finish with some nice flavors left on your palate. Check it out if you have the opportunity!

Chocolate Gator Droppings Nonpareils 6 oz. Gift Bag (snowcaps)

Pawley's Island Original Collection Large DuraCord Rope Hammock, Antique Brown

6oz Purple Chocolate-Covered Sunflower Seeds


Angela Williams Duea said...

This one sounds delicious...but Moose Drool? I'll have to find some and give it a try.

Mmmm, beer...

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Yes, Angela. Moose Drool. It was very good. And I'm stating a genius marketing name. But I'm not sure where outside of Montana you can buy it (except Phoenix for sure as that's where my friends got it from).

Good luck.

Laura said...

LOL. My first thoughts were the same as Angela's. I wonder how many people will let the name "Moose Drool" keep them from trying it. Did you ever figure out if "Pawleys Island Gator Droppings" actually tasted okay or was it also the name that allowed you to find them still there after all that time? :)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Laura.

No doubt marketing genius. "Let's hook these suckers with the name, and then keep their loyalty with a great beer!"

The droppings, yes. I ate half the bag and they taste more chocolate than anything but you definitely taste the sunflower seeds, too. The texture is the best part.