Monday, November 23, 2009

Northern Lights India Pale Ale

You've all seen TV reporters and journalists mess up the facts of their stories by trying so hard to be first that they neglect to confirm truth. Election results come to mind, which has even prompted new laws and standards, considering the importance of getting it right. But this crap happens every single day. Just pay attention to statements on the news, then the revisions of said statements; then watch the morning news for the actuality!

Considering I am not reporting the news (and this is a humor website, if you needed to be told), I'm going to be so bold to say "It's official. Hurricane Season is OVER." Yep, I'm calling the (Atlantic) season finished more than a week early! What a wimpy year--nine named storms and only three of those hurricanes. I'm pretty sure Canada got more action than Florida this year.

Time to put that 15 gallons of gas from the garage in the car. Yes, I've been hoarding all summer. And time to drink all those water bottles. I also wish some charity would have a more regular food drive. How many cans of corn does one need in case of a hurricane? Answer--obviously a lot! Seriously. If it were easier, I'd donate food much more often! Hey USPS, how about doing that annual pickup monthly? You visit every house every day anyway, it's perfect. Call me if you'd like help organizing it. Anyway, tonight's beer is in honor of the end of the 2009 season!

That beer? Northern Lights India Pale Ale brewed by Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet, Virginia. If you recall, I picked this one up a few weeks ago when the Starr Hill people were doing a tasting over at Total Wine. I need a whole bottle to figure it out completely tonight, but the shot they gave me was good. And I'm still wearing my new hat!

The aroma is quite lovely with lots of citrus and orange and hops, along with some light caramel in the background. You will start out with big bitter lemon flavors, quite astringent I must say. The texture is grainy, a bit strange. Some citrus orange and a light bread flavor also make an appearance. But the main thing you notice about this beer is its zing. Between the lemon, lightly harsh carbonation and 5.8% alcohol, it has your attention, you oxymoron! Crisp and refreshing with a dry finish, I could surely drink a whole sixer of this, no problem. Good beer. Try it.

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