Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prima Pils

Today is the day that they give back an extra drinking hour! Great timing (get it?) with a full slate of NFL Football and the World Series Later. Right now the Eagles are trying to finish off the Giants in a state rivalry preview of the Phillies v. Yankees.

We went to the Asian Buffet for lunch today. I have always absolutely despised sushi with every ounce of my being, but today for some reason I tried a few of the rolls, which led to trying a few more and before you knew it, I had like 15 pieces of sushi. Go figure! Now, I'm not going to say I love it yet, but I was intrigued today. Who knows?

Then to the pool this afternoon. Yes, northern dwellers, you heard me right. I was swimming outside on a sunny 88 degree November day. Of course pool time didn't come without its conflicts. First, I had to tell two ten year old girls not to play with the lifesaving ring (which they loved); second, I had to tell a gang of boys that they needed to keep the football and tackling contained to themselves as I didn't expect my family to be hit (also adored); next, I told the same football group that I didn't appreciate their gratuitous use of the N word, and that it didn't matter that they were all black; (I'm pretty sure one of them called me the N word under his breath); one of the safety-ring girls then puked by the fence and I told her to rinse it away (I'm earning lots of love). By then the football gang had taken its tackle game to the kiddie pool, only to have it shut down by the armed community security guard a few minutes later. Was a long 2 hours!

This afternoon I'm drinking Prima Pils brewed by Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. I guess I'm kind've in a Victory rut, but I can think of worse problems. Loved Storm King Imperial Stout and Hop Wallop, not so much Golden Monkey. Hoping for a rebound today with what the label calls this beer--"an exclamation of Victory!"

Prima Pils is a pilsner in case you didn't know, and since you are quite the loyal readers, you'll recall this is probably my least favorite style of beer. But I have an open mind (think sushi from above). Floral, hoppy, fruity, grainy aroma, pretty nice. The flavors start out with a strong amount of lemon and a nice hoppy bitterness. Some grainy flavors show through along with a light spicy component. Carbonation is fairly big, maybe medium-high. Definitely a crisp and refreshing beer all around. The finish is dry with fruity flavors left behind on your palate. No skunk flavors which was awesome! This is perhaps the best pilsner that I've ever had and you should try it now. In case you haven't heard, Florida, Victory is here in our state now!

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VanaBanana said...

You should give this kind of sushi a try:

My husband saw it on food network and was so intrigued that he's getting this for Christmas: It was much cheaper than a trip to California for him to have the real thing.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Mmmm. I'm thinking the Asian Buffet might work out nicely once a month or less.