Thursday, November 26, 2009

Retro Red

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm in Colombia where Thanksgiving isn't on the menu. While I am jealous that I wont be having a big turkey dinner today, at least I didn't have to cook it. I know that's like saying that I'm glad I didn't win the lottery because I'd just have to pay a lot of taxes, so let me correct things for the record. I am extremely thankful for many things. My wonderful wife, my great kids, my awesome job, our health, our family, our friends, etc... AND most of all that I am not one of you suckers that has to watch the fucking Cowboys on TV again this year!

So for this year, I'll probably have someone make me a nice dinner, do a few shots of aguardiente, drink some crappy Colombian beer, watch CNN (only channel in English), play with my kids, and maybe revive an old family custom--gambling on Thanksgiving, casino style! Seriously, we used to go to Atlantic City the night before Thanksgiving for half a dozen years in a row and spend the entire night gambling. And Bogota has some casinos, so if I can just convince my wife to let me go. Cross your fingers for me!

I won't pretend that I am drinking this beer right now, but I did do this review within the past few weeks, so it's fresh. [NOT] Today I'm drinking Retro Red brewed by Fort Collins Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. There is a picture of a red wagon, you know the old school classic kind that kids pull around. This one probably belonged to a kidless dad who didn't need to pass it along to the next generation though, as there are two sixers of beer in tow. There is a little story as well with the quote, "This banshee of a red ale is a looker, and a taster."

The aroma is very nice with a malty, caramel sweet scent. Rich malty flavors to start, which was a very nice surprise as I was expecting a MUCH thinner beer. Roasted and chocolate flavors come on board before some hops and citrus and other fruity flavors take over. The hops linger through to the end, leaving a slightly drier and more bitter finish. Medium body, medium carbonation, refreshing. This was an excellent beer, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know why I had blah expectations, but I did. And this beer put a smile on my face. Get some!

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