Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Road Dog Porter

When I saw the "Good Beer, No Shit" slogan on my bottle of Road Dog Porter, I knew there had to be a story. And I wasn't disappointed. Purposeful, provocative, and irreverent are words Flying Dog Brewery uses to describe itself on its website. Basically, like Tommy Boy incorrectly finished the sentence, "[they] don't take no shit from anyone!"

This attitude apparently rubbed a few people the wrong way, including those that had some authority. In summary, back in 1995, one of Ralph Steadman's bottle label drawings included the slogan "Good Beer, No Shit." That was enough to force Flying Dog to recall all of those bottles, then relabel them with "Good Beer, No Censorship" (which was also very creative) while they fought that decision in court. It took six years and the help of the ACLU to win their court case, which is why they can say "Shit" on a beer bottle today. And they said it many times on this label. Now that's what I call progress! (On a side note, this was probably one of the better causes the ACLU has been involved with this decade.)

Now for a review of the beer. Better be good! The aroma has a light chocolate scent, with a bit of hops, too. Not too powerful. The flavors start out hoppy, but just for an instant. A rush of dark chocolate and malty flavors then becomes the dominant profile. There are some nutty and burnt bitter flavors on top of those as well. After drinking a few sips, some smoky flavors become apparent and even a hit of black licorice comes through. Medium carbonation. And the finish was drier with a little of that burnt flavor left on your palate. The beer was pretty good, no shit. But I'd choose their Gonzo Imperial Porter over this every day of the week!

Gonzo: The Art--Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman (Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson) Gold Wood-Mounted Art Poster Print - 24" X 27"

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Other American Stories (Modern Library)--Ralph Steadman

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