Friday, November 27, 2009

Samuel Adams Pale Ale

It's Black Friday! What a stupid invented excuse to shop and spend in excess! By this time of the day, though, all the early morning lunatics are most likely napping. Shhh. Don't wake them. I'm not done saying how ridiculous the whole thing is! People have died being trampled to death! I shouldn't need to say any more, but I will.

Have any of you actually gotten out of bed before dawn to go and fight with a bunch of assholes over clothes and toys and appliances? I consider myself a semi-bargain hunter, and I am not made of money, but I have NEVER EVER done one of these ridiculous shopping excursions. I'd rather have my finger nails pulled out with pliers! The closest I've ever come was a midday stop at the Franklin Mills Mall on the way out of Philadelphia one year. It didn't even register that it was Black Friday in my head... until it was too late. Stupid mistake I wont make again.

I saw an ad a few days ago that said Kohl's would be opening its doors at 4 am this morning. The other stores surely had similar hours. Huh? And I'm sure there were people lined up to feed this monster of a day. Psychos! At 4 am on the day after Thanksgiving, normal people are still recovering from overeating turkey and mashed potatoes, letting the bird's tryptophan effect wear off, and dealing with their beer and wine hangovers. Well, it's time to start a new hangover!

Today I'm drinking Samuel Adams Pale Ale brewed by the Boston Beer Company. This beer is part of their Brewmaster's Collection. I just lodged a complaint at their website as three of their bottles in the past week broke around the rim as I was opening them. Anyway, I'm sure that they will fix that issue. What I was surprised to see on their website, and it could just be for lack of paying attention, was that these guys have five brewery locations besides Boston. These guys get around: Boston, MA; Eden, NC; Latrobe, PA; Rochester, NY; Cincinnati, OH; and Breinigsville, PA.

There is a nice citrus and hoppy aroma, but you will also smell some grainy and bready scents, too. Grainy and toasted to start, with some bready, malty flavors in the mix. Lemon and orange citrus flavors, along with some honey, add other nice components to this beer. Not too hoppy, but hops are noticeable. Medium carbonation, light to medium body, good flavors. This was a highly drinkable and refreshing beer. Problem is that I love the Boston Lager so much, that this beer might get neglected. I can understand, though, how this could be someone's favorite! Check it out.

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