Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa's Butt Winter Porter

Today is the Great American Smokeout. This annual day of awareness and quitting resources has been around since the mid 70's, and the first I heard of it was back in junior high school when our health teacher had all of his students making posters in support of the day. That part I thought sucked, even for a good cause.

Smoking is such a ridiculous habit, and I have no idea why anyone would purposely put a cigarette in their mouth. Besides killing you, smoking cigarettes makes you smell bad, makes your teeth yellow and wastes a huge amount of time. Need more reasons to quit? I can probably find you some pictures if you need them (you gotta see this one). I say grow some self-control and will-power balls and tough it out, just quit cold turkey, but there are other quitting aids that can be helpful if you need them (look below). Just quit, will ya!?

Speaking of butts, and you're not going to believe how incredibly clever I am, today I'm drinking Santa's Butt Winter Porter brewed by Ridgeway Brewing (their distributor is the best I can do) in Oxfordshire, England. So, the story goes that "butt" is some British word for a large beer barrel, but these guys are clearly playing the double entendre as Santa Claus and his giant ass are front-and-center on the label. Also worth mentioning is the cap, which has "cool Santa" on skis with sunglasses on.

There is a dark, rich, roasted, caramel and nutty aroma. You will start out with roasted malts along with some burnt flavors. A good amount of hops, however, comes in and balances out an initial sweetness. You will also taste some caramel, brown sugar and vanilla. Buttery smooth, medium body, low to medium carbonation. This was an all-around nice beer, all 16.9 ounces of it. I must say that I'd have bought the beer just for the novelty of the name and label picture. The beer was not bad, though. This is the butt you should be putting in your mouth!

Quit Smoking Now! CigArrest

Nicorette Gum

Forever Smoke Free! Stop Smoking Hypnosis (3 CD Set)


Anonymous said...

That poster says deformed sperm like it's a bad thing. How else are we going to make children with tails?

You didn't mention the patch, I used it to quit smoking back in May, it really helped me fight the urge to kill.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

No doubt about it FreakSmack. Tailed children are a necessary part of society--I've been to your website and seen it first hand!

Yes, the patch probably takes some of the edge off, huh?