Monday, November 9, 2009

Santa's Private Reserve

Yesterday afternoon I went outside with my three year old. One of the reasons was to check on my seven year old, who had been out for hours playing in the neighborhood. As I was walking outside, he was coming inside, visibly upset. I finally got it out of him that he and the neighbor kids had an argument, names were called, etc. But the part that pissed me off most was that one of the kid's moms allegedly told him to "Go Away!"

So we marched over to their house, at which point the three children in this family bolted inside when they saw us coming. Sound innocent to you? A lady inside stuck her head out the door, probably to see why the hell all this running inside just occurred. I asked if she was in charge and she sheepishly said she was. She was also not the "Go Away" lady; that was her sister, who had gone to the store.

I told her that I'm sure my son was not innocent, but that for sure he wasn't solely to blame for the problems. I also told her that it was completely unacceptable for any adult to talk to a child like that. She basically knew the whole story and agreed completely, saying she could hear the bickering all day long.

In the end I made my son apologize, and it was returned by two of the three kids in their house. Only the ten year old refused, just staring angrily. Anyway, my son was crying again at that point. And in the end, the in-charge lady was crying too. She obviously wasn't upset enough to chew them out a little more though, as we heard after the door shut.

Personally, I think that house is jinxed. Three years ago, my wife walked up to their door to complement the owners on their beautiful landscaping. She was received by a little yippy dog with sharp teeth and a wont-let-go jaw. Several bites later, I came home to take her to the emergency room, tetanus shot, police report. We didn't make too big a deal out of it beyond that, though. And, the same family is not living there now--it's just the house that we have issues with.

Time for my first Christmas beer of the year. I am now drinking Santa's Private Reserve brewed by Rogue Ales or as the label also says Oregon Brewing Company in Newport, Oregon. This is the first little 12 ounce Rogue I've had in a while as most are big 22's. I couldn't help notice when I was at the store picking this up that Santa is a lefty on the 12 ounce label but a righty on the 22 ounce label. Ambidextrous I guess would be a good quality for a toy maker and beer drinker!

OK. We start out with a nice dark fruit aroma with plenty of spice and a hint of booze on top of that. The flavors start out with a big dose of grapefruit and an equally big dose of spicy black pepper. The hops power in a good amount of bitterness which is then challenged by more malty, woody and even smoky flavors. Some alcohol stops by but just enough to let you know there is some. You will then finish with some resin flavors and a bitterness left on your palate. Complex with really nice flavors all around. This was a very nice beer and you should check it out!


Go Away Monster Game

Nike Go Away (Boys/Girls) -375509-401


Laura said...

I had a similar experience a few years back when my son 5 at the time came home crying. He had said a girl, 12 years old, had shoved him down on his face. I marched over to her house, and was invited in by the mother. I proceeded to explain the events that occurred outside and the mother went on to say "Your children aren't innocent by any means and I'm sure it was provoked". I agreed that my kids were not always innocent but no matter what happened, a 12 year old pushing a 5 year old onto his face was uncalled for and highly unacceptable. The mother became more upset and started to literally scream in my face to "get the hell out of her house" and PUSHED me out the door, slamming it in my face. LOL. Wow! Lesson learned ... the apple sometimes does not fall far from the tree. That day anyway.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Wow. What a bitch! But I made my lady cry :)

Lover Lady said...

Oh, I am SO glad you reviewed this one! I came THISCLOSE to buying this beer Saturday but hesitated because of my recent bad experience with seasonal ales. Glad to hear it is a good one!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

It was very good. I bought about 5 of these "Christmas" beers since they celebrate the second coming of Santa Claus. I think most of the others are British, except for Delirium Noel, so I of course started with the American beer.

Keep watching. Santa's Butt might be in front of you before Christmas!

Deray said...

Hey, have you tried Mexican seasonal beer? It is called Nochebuena and it's good! to my standards anyway, I would love to see how your taste compares to mine ;-)

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Deray, I'd love to try that beer. One question. Where in the hell would I ever expect to find that? And you can't say Mexico. My experience with beers from Mexico and all the rest of Latin and South America, if I can generalize so you all hate me is... they are exactly the same. At least Modelo tried for a darker beer and succeeded somewhat, but the rest not so much. VERY few examples not included.