Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale 2009

OK. So I am totally prepared today to admit that I am wrong. That doesn't mean that I am wrong, but when I find out I'll let you know. Best part is that it's a self-evaluation! And no, there are no consequences to being wrong, like when Kyle bet Cartman that Leprechauns were not real, then lost that bet and had to suck Cartman's balls. Nothing like that.

I am not talking about being wrong about some very important decision, either. Rather, around nine months ago, I did a review of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale which some of you readers didn't like. I mean, I thought I was going to need to call 911 to send the paramedics over to your place with some nitro pills and to treat your high blood pressure.

But, as I stand by my original review, where I basically compared this beer to Hennessy or gasoline, I am willing to try this year's Celebration Ale since so many people seem to love it and disagreed with my past encounter. My honest opinion is coming again, like it or not. I really hope that I love this beer this time around. Otherwise, I have a lamp that needs some fuel.

Let's start. I'm by myself. It's quiet and I can concentrate. I left the football game downstairs just for this occasion. Here's Sierra Nevada's website, for any idiots that haven't met Google yet.

Wow! Big pine and grapefruit and hoppy aroma, really inviting. The flavors start out much the same with a big grapefruit and pine introduction, and a super-nice bitter bite to let you know who is boss. Lightly spicy, too. Good carbonation, very bubbly with a sharp sting to it, a welcome sting (like the singer, not a wasp). The flavors last on your palate, too. Crisp, clean, really refreshing. Loved this beer this time around. I was wrong!

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Keegan said...

I was really upset when I read your first comment from last year, but then saw your update linking to your review from this year. I'm glad you gave it a try again, because this beer is damn good! Was it really that bad last year?

I too wrote a review of this beer, check it out!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Keegan.

As you saw, people were ready to burn down my house, perhaps even with the beer!

I don't know. It was 10 months ago, but clearly I wasn't thrilled. Maybe my palate has adapted, although I have always loved the hoppy beers.

Thanks for stopping by. Let me go check out your review.

Kauai Steve said...

Bought & drank the '09 last night.
Bitter beyond belief and w/out any redeeming characteristics.
The '07 was very good and '08 was
maybe the best ever. So sad, I poured half the glass down the drain.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Kauai Steve.

Thanks for stopping by. Last year, I was in trouble for saying the 2008 version tasted like gasoline. But this year, I had a turn around, and really enjoyed the 2009 version. It was far from a favorite, but I consider it a really nice beer.

That being said, I can appreciate that you didn't like it. To each his own. One suggestion a guy from last year made was that perhaps I was drinking it too cold, so who knows?

Anyway, there are tons of other options!

Anonymous said...

I love SN beers. I love their SNPA which now, thankfully, is widely available. Their Anniversary Ales is one of my most favorite beers ever. I bought a case of the 2009 Celebration Ales knowing I'd love it.

I've tried drinking it 3 different and I am very sorry to say I do not like it. I'm shocked and very dissapointed. I'm goind to save the balance for a year and see if it approves with age.

Here's hoping (and drinking the Anniversary)!beronisk

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey David.

The Pale Ale is great, everywhere. If you ventured back to the 2008 SN Celebration, you'd see I absolutely hated having gasoline in my mouth.

Maybe it's an acquired taste but the bigger alcohol and bigger bite are something to get used to.

One guy suggested that drinking it too cold was my problem.

Anyway, I've taken heat for calling things the way I saw them. If you're in Florida, drop off the rest of that case.