Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stoudts Double IPA

Before my first son was born 7.5 years ago, I made him this quilt. I had never planned on making him this quilt; my grandmother actually was the queen of making a quilt for every relative, family friend or distant church member who was expecting a baby. She made hundreds. But while we were visiting her one holiday, my wife took an interest in one of her spare kits. She got her cross-stitch lesson and off she went, so we thought.

Terrible! Too many mistakes, little progress and obvious frustration later, I took over. First step, get those handy little sharp scissors and clip out all of her mess and start over. I didn't, however, realize what I had just gotten myself into. I can't really remember, but after maybe 50 hours or more of this shit, it was completed. But every day I was getting closer to the end and could see real progress, and I was proud of this final accomplishment. Call me a girl if you must, but rest assured I can take it (oh, and I'll be over later to kick your ass!) And son number two never got one! Too much work, although for the record you can drink beer and do this at the same time!

Today I'm having a Stoudts Double IPA brewed by Stoudt's Brewing Company in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. I saw this guy on the shelf amongst the beers I've already tried from this brewery and wondered how it escaped me. Two elephants on the label, and they look pissed off, actually ready to stomp the Stoudt's Brewery, pictured below them, to the ground. My bottle was bottled on 6/17/2009 for the record.

Hoppy, floral, citrus aroma. You start out with some powerful pine, citrus, and lemon flavors with a touch of grapefruit. I was surprised this the beer was actually sweet and fruitier than I expected. You will taste fruits such as mango and maybe pineapple along with the typical lemon and grapefruit. After those initial flavors, you will then experience a nice caramel maltiness as it comes in to play, still on the sweet side. You never really get that bitter bite from this Double IPA, but what you get instead is a big alcohol bite. The (must be) big alcohol content warms and says hello for the rest of the beer, but in a nice and balanced way despite its strength. The body is medium and the oily consistency covers your mouth completely. Fruity alcohol ending and aftertaste. This was a really nice beer. I was expecting giant bitter and got something different, yet very flavorful and good! BTW, Stoudts Double IPA has 10% alcohol in it!

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