Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Z Lager

It's Election Day. I think Miami is getting a new mayor, but that's about the extent of what I know. Speaking of elections, I did see this funny bumper sticker today on the back of a truck: One Big-Ass Mistake America! Now, speaking of presidents, I need to go make 100% sure that Chase Utley was born here in the U.S. so when I push for his presidency, I won't face the "Birther Nation".

BTW, non-sports-loving losers, Chase Utley is the stud from the Phillies who has played hero this World Series so far. He has also tied Reggie Jackson's record for most home runs in a World Series, with two games still to play. Of course, if you know Philly fans at all, two games is an eternity, and he could spend the entire off-season in the dog house if he doesn't keep performing. I guess I'll see if he's old enough to be president while I'm at it. Nope! Crap... He is from California, but not old enough to run until the 2016 presidential elections.

Tonight I'm drinking Z Lager brewed by Fort Collins Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Let's jump right in. The aroma is mainly caramel and malts, with a touch of smoke, too. The flavors are very similar starting with a strong caramel, malty sweetness, and light burnt flavors as well. Some hops come in to tone down the sweetness nicely. A good dose of smoky flavors is present throughout the entire experience, providing another nice flavor while not being annoyingly dominant. It just sits in the background in a good way. Medium body, medium carbonation, smoke left on the palate. This is a pretty solid beer and you should check it out!

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"Throws Like a Chick" Obama Bumper Sticker

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