Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gingerbread Ale

My kids were playing outside this afternoon. You'll recall from several months ago the story of my three year old son arguing with the little black boy down the street about "who was black". Well, today, he ratcheted things up a bit. A Muslim lady from the neighborhood walked by fully dressed in traditional clothes (no face covering, though). Today was not different than many other days as she was taking a stroll with her three sons. The difference was, however, when my son picked up a giant super-soaker type gun from the garage and proceeded to pretend to shoot them. The neighbor kids have been playing war games for weeks so I guess he picked that up from them. But at the wrong time. What did I do? I pretended nothing was out of the ordinary and so did this lady as we smiled and said hello to each other. I sincerely hope these kids remain blind to all this world's negative ills.

This afternoon I'm drinking Gingerbread Ale brewed by Bison Brewing in Ukiah, California. This is my second beer from this brewery after enjoying their IPA during the summer. Again, they are all about the organic stuff and the label says something about buying me a carbon offset for a case of beer. I say whatever! I just care if it's good beer. I do like the line on the label that suggests this beer could smooth out dinner with the in-laws--thanks for the reminder that mi suegra is coming on Thursday. But she is cool!

Burnt sugar aroma with tons of ginger and freshly-baked cookie smells, nice and inviting. Heavy molasses up front, along with more of those burnt flavors. Thick and rich, with brown sugar and dark chocolate standing out. There are some spicy ginger and nutmeg flavors, too, but they are not very dominant. This beer is not sweet, rather balanced. After the initial thick texture, some hops do come in and cut that up a little bit. Smooth the whole way, nice finish, and flavors that last on your palate. This beer was NOT at all what I expected and has been unlike any other holiday beers that I've had this year so far. Both of those comments are positives as I thoroughly enjoyed this beer! Get it while you can!

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Lover Lady said...

Hey, B.D.! I was excited to read this (you had me at "Gingerbread"), sad it was not so great. Have you tried New Belgium's winter ale (the 2 Below)? Just wondering...know I am being a slacker about your reviews. Please forgive me.

PS, Guess you saw Cooking Asshole is back!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey bunny. Why do you think it's not so great? I didn't say that, unless that's how you translate "I thoroughly enjoyed this beer!" I know we sometimes speak in code, but those aren't code words.

New Belgium doesn't sell beer in Florida, and no I haven't had that beer yet. (I complained about that here However, a friend is going to Texas for Christmas and will bring me that one back, I'm pretty sure.

Yes, Cooking Asshole was over here a few days ago making comments. Was good to see him back. At least he refrained from calling any other readers "Fucking Political Prisoners" for their remarks. He's lost his touch!

Lover Lady said...

Duh--I think the smell of cat pee in my office has dulled my brain! I guess I saw "This beer was NOT at all what I expected" and stopped reading there. Goddamn, I feel like a 'tard.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

bunny. It's time to trade in the cats for dogs!

Lover Lady said...

Oh, dogs are our preferred animal, trust me, but we slept in Sunday morning and our cat (who is normally outdoors but who we left in because it was freezing rain) got pissed and pissed. It was really our fault and she let us know it.