Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heavy Seas Winter Storm

Ever come home to find your wife ragingly angry? Me too, plenty. But this time it wasn't directed at me. A couple of days ago, I heard her finish a phone conversation with a client, yelling at him that if he'd have declared his Horse Semen as a perishable in the first place, he'd have no problems right now. Not exactly the conversation I was expecting to overhear from her. The dude on the other end gave the phone to his assistant, and my wife told the assistant that she never wanted to speak with his nasty boss again! I guess when you're right, YOU ARE RIGHT!

Tonight I'm drinking Heavy Seas Winter Storm brewed by Clipper City Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland. According to the label, this is a "Category 5" Ale, which I didn't bother to find the meaning for, if any. I mean, Floridians know what a Category 5 Hurricane is, so if it's analogous to that, well then let's hold on tight!

The aroma is hoppy with spicy black pepper, sweet caramel in the background. Flavors start out hoppy, and a pronounced lemon and grapefruit bitterness comes in on top of that. Black pepper and toasted bread flavors poke their noses into the profile, and you certainly wont miss malty caramel and tangy tea flavors that make an appearance. The 7.5% alcohol makes itself known on the back end of things, not too bad but maybe a little harsh as you get close to the end of your beer. Medium body, low to medium carbonation, and a bitterness that lasts a long time on your palate. I must say this is an interesting beer, perhaps for me because of the style. I didn't love it, but it seems appropriate to drink this during winter. Check it out!

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